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Unveiling the Buddha/Christ Heart Cosmic Wesak Moon

Updated: May 15, 2022

This upcoming full moon might be the most powerful in living memory. This lunar eclipse falls on Wesak, the three-day festival when souls on many planes make the long and great pilgrimage to Shambhala.

Below the pyramid shaped mountain at Lake Manasarowar, pilgrims cleanse themselves for days in the lake’s pristine waters to prepare for the sacred meeting of the masters.

On the anniversary of the eve of Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment it is said that the veils between realities are thinnest, and it is the time when Yeshua and Siddhartha are able to return closest to Earth and approach humanity. Above and below the earth, there in the inner realms, the great masters meet to combine forces and bestow their graces upon our world and its people.

May is the month of the Goddess Maia, mother of Gaia and the universe, Divine Mother of fecund fertility, flowering of joy and love. This year the full lunar eclipse falls on this most sacred time. It is no accident that Yeshua and Buddha use this time of the calendar to unite forces of light.

The moon is an interloper whose brightness (and darkness) hides a matrix of almost unimaginable proportions. The close presence to us of these two divine beings is an unsurpassable energy that far outweighs any attempt of false gods to control, influence or infiltrate our world.

This year’s eclipse is symbolic in extremes at a most critical time in the unfolding of illusion and the unveiling of true reality. Christ and Buddha will be showing us more potently than ever before, the extent of the illusion and at the same time the power of light, of consciousness, of love, of divine union and inspiration to overcome all darkness.

Deep within the light is already highlighting the most hidden corners of our inner shadowy worlds. It is a time to be brave and fierce in continuing the walk of divine pilgrimage we have long tread rocky paths to pursue. In the moments of greatest darkness, if you are courageous enough to dive deep into it, you will find the greatest light and the deepest truth.

Now, during these days, you have the chance to meet or connect with Yeshua and Buddha and the reflection of your own Buddha and Christ/Christess selves. It is a profound time to drop deep within to the most sacred place at the core of your central pillar of light, the centre of your heart and the seat of your souls.

Cleanse, purify and create ceremony to prepare to receive these highly sacred divine frequencies of light and the special dispensations that are bestowed on these who make the extreme efforts to be ready, available and open to meet the Lords Buddha and Yeshua, for this is the time of ultimate potential of divine might.

It is an opportunity to experience transmissions from these two beloveds, a great flow of love, humanitarian connection and goodwill, feelings and events of Oneness and streams of divine light force and response from these wonderful Divine beings.

During this event the channels are open for immense spiritual advancement, divine dispensations, incredible illumination and accelerated ascension energies. It is time to open the heart, reveal the true self and illuminate within from without.

Beware, though, the shadow, that now, more than ever, cannot be sidestepped or ignored. The veils of illusion are subtle and will either lift if adequately enlightening, or draw closer if the ego is not firmly held in oneness with the Divine. Buddha Consciousness/Christ Consciousness are not for the faint hearted or the ego minded - it is not a time for lip service, superficial new-age ideas and magic wands, but for connecting more deeply and powerfully than ever with Divine Consciousness, the shadow and the light, in order to become One with the Light.

We are being prepared for something far greater than wildest imaginings - we know not what the Divine has in store for us, or the immense ocean of inspiration our wildest imaginings can manifest, but at this time, and between now and the next full moon and solstice, there is a river of enlightening frequencies during which you can exponentially increase the amount of love and light that you embody and emanate to the world around you.

Dr. Swan A. Montague May 2022


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