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Eclipse Energies

I feel the energies this month will continue to turn people around, in a prolonged game of blind man’s bluff, ongoingly for about 4-6 months, although there are likely to be important and powerful revelations and disclosures during that time.

There are portals and some powerful master number days as there were in February, it also being a master number amounting to 2.

With the 2’s of this year and this month (11/2) we have 8 which is the number of infinity, so whatever we put into play this month will reverberate through infinity.

With two eclipses, we will be eclipsing all we want to leave behind and shining new light on our reality.

On the eclipse day, my sense is the 8th, for most of the world, will be eerily ‘normal’ - there will be a sense of stasis, holding, as the sun shadows the moon, a feeling of being becalmed and dropped into a n ethereal sea of weird tides.

The world will be watching and waiting to see how events unfold in the U.S.

In America there will be a sense of purpose and hope, and the events of this election will be cataclysmic but I doubt the public will see much of the unfolding of this turning point until later in the year.

We’re likely to really feel the effects of the eclipse more on the 9th, not the 8th for this reason, as there will appear to be an anti-climax, and in the aftermath many fears will arise. Also the 9th is a major master number day.

9/11 (!) for a start, 9/11/2022 = 17 - the number of Divine Goddess/Divine Feminine. 9, by the way, the number of karmic completion too.

The 11th November will be an integration of whatever has been purged and re-purposed during the eclipse. Furthermore as a day of great symbolism that has been used by self-serving rulers for over a century to install the sombre concept of war in the human psyche, there will be feelings of dissatisfaction with government, unrest, resentment and frustration as the master number two’s are all about partnership and healing duality - these that are paramount around this election season which will highlight to the world the injustices and depth of dark governmental corruption that has been thrown into view by the eclipse.

Significant numbers this month (note that 17 days are always Divine Mother, divine feminine, divine Goddess mastery opportunity days.

11/11/2022 - 10/1 = new beginning

18/11/2022 = 17/8

22/11/2022 = 12/3 = a day of constructing new endeavours and relationships based on mastery of learnt lessons, experience of how to construct new realities. This day will also complete whatever intentions and realisations were set out on the 11th November, rounding up an eleven day cycle.

27/11/2022 = another 17/divine mother day that will complete the cycles of 3 this month, the 9th Nov, 18th and 27th, all with 11/2022 mastery challenges to undergo and transcend through successful realisation and intent.

However my sense was that the real results of this full lunar eclipse will not be fully visible and manifest until the next full lunar eclipse in 6 months’ time. I had a hunch to check the date and sure enough my intuition was confirmed.

Next year it falls on May 5th 2023 - 17!

Not only do we have the 5/5 here, 5 being the number of war and conflict that the DS widely use for their nefarious false flag world events (I’ve written before about significant dates of political killings and wars taking place on 5 numerology days), but it is also Wesak Moon - the day when Buddha and Yeshua come closer to the earth to bestow their light upon humanity.

In short, whilst the events of this eclipse will be far-reaching, and may turn over the entire game of cards, I feel there will be chaos in the aftermath. A lot of confusing narratives will be flying around. People who have great insight into what has befallen humanity over the last 2.5 years will be tired and feeling the toll it has taken on their lives and the frustration of collective denials and the length of time it is taking to stop the crazy road show. Those who do not yet see the truth of it all without the rock of understanding to sustain them will be feeling the burden and will be carrying the weight of the disastrous effects of the policies they have blindly gone along with.

For those who have known the truth it will be time to get the new organisations and cleaning up underway. Those who have been prepared will be the new holders of the higher dimensional infrastructures. Healers will be in great demand, but so will all have a role for their unique skills and qualities developed from this experience.

By May 2023 we will have moved out of the shadow of Saturnian oppression of Aquarius (March 2023) and the energy will be ripe for planting our new reality. We will be in a season of new hope, ripe potential and inspiration for sowing new seeds of life and July 7th (7/7/7) we will have exited the 6/6/6 years (that I believe complete an era initiated in 1666 and the fire of London that almost wiped out an entire city - it would be interesting to know the astrology of that year). As we head into a new spiritual era, it will be time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes of the last era, 7 being the number of spirituality and sacred cycles. 7/7/2023.


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