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"Every few years a book comes along that could change the world forever…"


Sahra's story is a powerful, illuminating and deeply moving portrayal of Jesus' intimate life with His secret wife  and the journey of all humans' remembering their divine origins. It is an authentically sacred and profound exposé of their love life, an exotic, poetic romance in the light of totally new and unique understanding of the holy journey that is both beautifully sensual, romantic and sacred.


A heart-wrenching tale of love and sacrifice, crucifixion and resurrection, The Book of Sahra uncovers essential truths about our world, our destiny and our own innate connection to the Divine. This book contains vital spiritual messages for humanity at this crucial time on the planet. Everyone will want to read this book and learn the deeper meaning of events 2000 years ago that made Jesus the most venerated healer/teacher ever and discover the greatest love of all time, and their relevance to humanity and the world today.

This divinely inspired, lyrical, work of art gives the reader a vividly evocative experience of Sahra and Jesus' life together, their children, their challenges and their epic undertaking.  Illustrated with unique sacred art exquisitely crafted from antique eastern silks, the book takes the reader on an astonishingly beautiful journey into the realm of the divine and deep into the reader's own sacred soul. Jesus' Secret Wife is a remembering of our divine heritage. To read Sahra is to return home to the Oneness of all, to our greater destiny.

In the vein of such transformational works as The Alchemist, The Shack and Conversations with God, this is a book for all who long for the eternal experience of Divine Love. To read this book is to be forever transformed.


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Swan aka

Sahra Renata

It took over 2000 years for this story to be told because the world was not ready for the Divine Feminine.


Until now.

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Dr. Swan Montague is a mystic, visionary, artist, writer and poet, with an M.A in spiritual Philosophy and a Ph.D. in metaphysics from an American inter-faith seminary. She is a medical intuitive and an experienced practitioner in sacred art and healing. Swan also creates stunning sacred wall hangings known as Temple Veils. 

Swan has lived and taught advanced metaphysics and mastery of the healing arts throughout Europe, the U.S., Mexico, Asia and Australia, where many of her Temple Veils are housed.  


20 years ago Swan was given 3 months to live with a fatal lung condition, lung function at only 8%. She told the doctors it was between herself and God, discharged herself from hospital and went into seclusion to heal herself. She spent 12 years in deep communion with the Divine during which time she experienced prolonged communication with Jesus from whom she had visionary appearances  and received secret teachings and sacred messages.  After many close encounters with death and one particular near passing, Jesus appeared and guided her back through time. Thereafter in revelatory bursts of light, memory and feeling,  "The Book of Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife", whom Jesus called The Golden Rose,  has been relived and revealed, and now told.  Ancient truths have been resurrected and now Swan, herself resurrected, shares them with the world.


Swan is also author of Caviar for the Soul, a collection of simple but meaningful mystical poetry and verse.


Rev. Dr. Swan is also featured in Inspired Spirit with Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, and other luminaries, and How Do You Pray with Marianne Williamson, Larry Dossey, Andrew Harvey, Arun Gandhi and other spiritual thought leaders.

She is also a Senior Advisor at NewEarth University on the Consciousness & Spirituality Faculty . 

It started with these words:


"You are the flower in winter, a golden rose in the snow. 

Let all who know you admire God's divine gift of creation in you, marvel at each gilded petal of delicate perfection.  

Stand tall on your stem of green light. 

Receive sunlight rays of radiant warm nourishing balm into the leaves that nurture you, and let your beauty shine with all the colours of creation reflected in the droplets of morning dew that have settled on your golden petals after the long night.  

And remember above all, you are the flower, and you are the sunlight.

You are a star that fell out of the night and became the dew in the morning sunlight.  

Each tear dropped silently from the eye that sees all, the heart that feels all, the mind that knows all, is an ocean of compassion for humanity to bathe in, and you are the love that wept it.

And the deep sighing sob letting go of the grief is the breath of life of humanity's release.

So light of heaven, light of earth, shine forth your golden glow, God's rose, be one of the ones who knows.

Light the way of the heart that it may lead to the door of the universe, for you are the heart of the universe, pulse of the earth.

Walk tall and lightly where others fear to tread.

Your garden is the kingdom of the Earth - 

Make of it a golden rosebed."



A collection of poetry and

light musings with

deeper metaphysical meaning.

Heart-felt mystical verse for all those who love to fall in love with love and occasionally laugh at love, romantic hearts, jaded lovers, mystical souls,  visionaries, and even irreverent  spirits.

Caviar for the Soul is a smorgasbord of poetry with hints of Rumi, Shakespeare, Hafiz and Byron, filled with deep meaning, higher spiritual truths and contemporary wisdom. You've had Chicken Soup for the Soul - now here's the Caviar!


Inspirational, healing and entertaining, these poems run the gamut of love, from the intensity of new love's passionate throes to the grief of the heart-broken lover, wild inspiration of divine love to the incredible and beautiful magic of great romance and the comedy of our humanity with pathos and mirth bringing tears to the eyes. This book touches the soul in profoundly, opens the heart, enriches the spirit, inspiring, moving, uplifting and enlightening.  Be ready to have heart and soul moved to tears of love and joy, be entertained, amused, ignited and illuminated.  


Caviar for the Soul touches heart and soul poignantly enhancing and adding greater depth and understanding to the meaning of life, the universe and everything, especially love.

Let me walk once more the red road

Raise my spirit and lighten my load

Let me gaze upon your Divine Face

Bless and forgive this human race


Teach us to create anew

For too long we have been blind to all we do

Heal the pattern of human tragedy

Deliver us from the darkness of our travesties


Let us bathe in the calm waters of the Mother

May men greet each other as brothers

For you are the wise mighty all-powerful Father

and the Mother that rebirths us into the eternal hereafter


Show us your Divine countenance

Guide us with new covenants

May we return to the sacred ways

and see the Beloved's eyes in every gaze

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