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Phoenix Moon

Today is a 17-numerology day - always big. 17 is the number of the Divine Feminine and stretches us into greater awareness and mastery. We are now entering into the three-day Wesak festival of Buddha and Christ. With this intense lunar eclipse falling on the most spiritually potent day of the year, you might be feeling an intense polarity push/pull of dark and light.

It is likely that energies will be intense, flying around, wounds raw and ripe for healing and transformation, conflict could easily arise.

These last days of this taurean cycle will likely be extreme and all-consuming. Energies of the material world, money, survival, companionship, trust, faith and support may be vigorously tested. The best way to navigate the next days until 22 May when the solar energy has shifted from earth to air can take you to the limit, but it is, in fact, at that limit where you will find breakthrough to greater light. This eclipse might well push to breakdown point but that is where, out of the chaos or the void, will come new life and more light.

There are beautiful waves of divine light at the same time - those are the reins. Hold onto them tight whilst your chariot flies at galloping speed pulled ferociously ahead by wild stallions through stormy nights. Do NOT let that light out of sight. It is the altar on which to focus your attention whilst it feels like life is falling apart and there is no hope in sight.

You might wonder, how will I survive? That is really the point. It has always been about trust in the Divine and to that and only that being aligned. This is a huge opportunity to untether ties to all you wish to leave behind and free up the depths of all that lurks in the shadowy areas of the ego mind.

We knew that the old systems would have to fall or be taken apart to create a new paradigm. To reach the new dawn after great darkness is not a walk in the park for the faint of heart, not all love and light, crystals, chanting and a candle, but now, if ever there was a time, it would be good to meditate long and hard, pray, light candles, hold crystals and chant.

We are on the threshold of a giant cosmic gateway of immense possibility, closer than ever before to the Divine. You take you with you so get ready, be clear about what you want for the future, your underlying agendas, karma and blocks taken care of and beautifully aligned.

There are those that say there is no fear in 5d - this is an illusion of the ego mind. There is still duality - everything is faster, frequencies more potent and manifestation of shadow and light more instant. Ego must be harnessed and unified with higher self to thrive in higher vibes. You take you with you and during these next days you have a mighty chance to get inner affairs in divine right order to be able to rise up from the ashes and fly high. 5d is not the limit, it’s just the beginning. For those who have the vision and are adequately prepared you can fly even higher.

Dr. Swan 15 May 2022


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