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Updated: Jun 24, 2020


(a Divine Spirit of the Nations of the Land of the Turtle)

As this lockdown becomes unlocked what will become more starkly revealed is where you are still locked down inside.

Look not outside for the release.

Look not outside for the change.

Look not outside for the hope.

Fear not the fear that is being broadcast by the media whores of the elite.

It is all a dance, but the real dance is the one within your heart.

The real dance is the one within your own souls, and that is the one that has been locked down.

For too long you have been forced to dance to the tune of an outmoded orchestra led by a crazed conductor, played by mad musicians. The music has grown so loud, so discordant and divergent from the songs of angels that you can no longer hear yourselves think true thoughts.

You have prayed for solutions. You have prayed for us to rescue you. You have prayed for our intercession. Never doubt that we have not heard you, yet what we wish most of all for you to find is the unlockdown of your minds.

You are so loved that what we do for you is give you more than what you want. We help you find the treasure you most need - and that is within.

The treasure of who you really are and all you can do, and be, has been buried under lock and key for eons, pogrammed to be released in a synteny that awakens and begins to dance to the drum call of the new earth.

Beloved ones, all you need to know is inside you. All the tools, and more, you can use are within the music of your soul and the memory of your cells.

All that is happening in your world is the dissolution of the illusion within the illusions - the dissolving of the conjuring of black magicians who have had humanity mesmerised by the mere trickery of darkness and you have been blinded by the deliberate obfuscation of the light and deafened by the cacophonous onslaught of false story.

Yes, you are here now, having a human experience, but that experience only remains one you do not love and cannot enjoy as long as you search for that you seek outside of your own souls.

The unlocking of the lockdown is more illusion. We say, “look to the skies”. Why do we say this? Because it is in the sky that resides the true light.

What you will see when you emerge from your enforced cocoons is that most of what is in the skies is not real. Your skies that were mostly natural and clear when you were locked inside will once again be frequently clouded, impregnated with dark and dangerous dust that seeds your air, earth and water with unhealthy particles that are easily absorbed into the body through inhalation, ingestion and absorption through the organ of your skin.

What has been obscured from your vision is the true light - messages of Mother Father Sky.

In the celestial azure of the heavens is the profound serenity of infinite peace.

In the sparkling dancing photon light that whirls in glittering profusion of millions of effervescent emanations of divine bliss bestowing upon you the frequencies of divine bliss of the eighth dimension, beyond polarity, Heaven on Earth already exists.

In the clouds are the messengers of the skies, the cloud spirits - the ones who carry news and forecasts of atmospheric change to guide you and assist you to be prepared for living according to the cycles of nature.

What has been artificially inseminated into your skies is an influx of rivers of disease that diffuse into thick blankets of particle-filled vapour laden with toxic chemicals and diseases that infiltrate your oxygen, rain down into your waters and soak into your earth to be absorbed into your food.

A Hopi prophecy states, “Near the day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky."

When your skies, earth and air are irradiated a negative fusion occurs which alters your feeling capacity to experience joy and divine connection and interferes with your ability to connect to Great Spirit and flow with the rivers of Great Mystery.

Wise woman, Eyes of Fire, of the Cree Nation had a viewing hundreds of moons ago in which she foresaw birds would fall from the sky. This is happening now.

People of the Earth, it is time to awaken and watch the skies.

People of the Earth, it is time to rise up and resurrect your souls to the call of The Divine.

People of the Earth, it is time to cleanse your body, minds, spirits and soul to find the peace that is not of this world, the truth that is not of the mind, the road that is not of toxic-fumed tar and the words that are not lies.

Look within to the deepest harmony of your being.

Look within to the song of your purified cells.

Look within to the call of your heart.

Look within to the sentiments of your soul.

Clear your past lives.

Understand, learn, leave behind the lessons of karma.

Liberate yourselves from the chains of human bondage and learned limitation.

This is the only way forward.

There is no road that leads to Heaven but for the way of walking and talking in the light within, and to ride this way you must mount the saddle of that ego horse and gallop into the ferocious winds that have scattered the fragments of your divine soul and re-gather the elements of your directions.

To find the compass of the future you must have travelled the map of the past.

You must have climbed mountains, swam in muddy rivers, trodden thorny paths and trudged through the valleys of the shadows. This is the journey. The destination is yours to discover from whence you have come and all your have learned.

Beware of what you see in the mirror of your world. To see a pure reflection you must know your pure soul.

A prayer for the Native Spirit within us all:


Let me walk once more the red road

Raise my spirit and lighten my load

Let me gaze upon your Divine Face

Bless and forgive this human race

Teach us to create anew

For too long we have been blind to all we do

Heal the pattern of human tragedy

Deliver us from the darkness of our travesties

Let us bathe in the calm waters of the Mother

May men greet each other as brothers

For You are the wise mighty all-powerful Father

and the Mother that rebirths us into the eternal hereafter

Show us Your Divine countenance

Guide us with new covenants

May we return to the sacred ways

and see the Beloved's eyes in every gaze

(Swan Rose)


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