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The Matter of a Loving & Kind God

Through the immense gift of incarnation, and again and again through re-incarnation, God/Goddess gives us the opportunity to chose love and eternal life. Ad infinitum.

God is the love of the mother who goes through the crucifixion of birth then choses, or surrenders to, unconditional love in the face of every trial, challenge and tribulation of the child, in ill health, in starvation, in bad behaviour, in disrespect, in dishonour, in neglect. The baby, the infant, the child, the pre-pubescent to the adolescent, the teen, youths and the teens, the twenties, and thirties, the forties and fifties, ad infinitum, until we learn the love, the wisdom and the might of God/Goddess. This is how God/Goddess loves us. This is how loving and kind God is.

Divine Love, Divine Might, Divine Knowledge are the elements of the trinity that make up the GOD, who is also GODDESS, and the trinity of spiralling kundalini that weave their way through our past, present, future, all-life, endless love, eternal consciousness and infinite space, purify us into wholeness. Holiness. Through dissolution, disillusion and delusion we are ushered through the divine re-birth, which is the essence of the Sacred World Renaissance and it is thus that we are nudged into the new paradigm.

How do we know this infinitely loving and kind God? It cannot fully be known until we have healed ourselves of every wound, every life, every experience of consciousness that comprises any spark of our being connected anywhere to us, through any dimension, in this human reality, and made it whole; transcended the shadow through the tunnel of karma and human limitation and growing awareness, through the healing and transformation of which we reach, in the letting go, ultimate, unequivocal all-consuming forgiveness and compassion. Then, and only then, can we know, in every cell of our being and atom of our soul our own love and how loving and kind God is.

Cuore Infinito del'Universo - Infinite Heart of The Universe

He/She gives us this gift - reaching the summit from the valley of the depths of our being so that, at the apex of our ascent, we experience it: the Unfathomable. The Great Mystery. The One. Over and over again, we are granted, by Divine Grace, the opportunity of this great gift. Until we are done. Until we are one. Then into the infinite light we are re-borne.

The loving kindness of God gifts us this extraordinary, almost unassimilateably profound and infinite opportunity to know ourselves as One.

With heartfelt love,



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