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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

This full moon in Pisces is about clearing the wounds of not just this piscean age but previous piscean ages to boot (literally). Like the Turritopsis Jellyfish which is nearly immortal it is time to break the cycle. When this jellyfish gets old or injured it dives to the sea floor, where it will fold in upon itself. Essentially, it reverts back to its “polyp” stage, or its baby-form, and begins life anew.

At the end of the previous piscean age, approximately 52,000 years ago in earth linear time, the potential existed for an ascension into the oncoming Aquarian age however the ‘push’ to birth a new paradigm was a tad too difficult labour resulting in still birth.

Once again humanity and our planet, Gaia, are faced with the opportunity to rise up through the morass of misery and foul play that have littered the world with their legacy for millennia It is time for the jellyfish to rise to the ocean surface, feel the sunlight deep in its cells, learn to breathe again drawing in the fresh sea air of new life, higher consciousness, new awareness then find its wings and take flight. We are the moon, we are the piscean age, we are the jelly fish, we are the world and we are the sum of all this. The harbinger of this time, this cosmic alignment, this new earth paradigm is the ability to take a deep dive in inner consciousness to the depths of the ocean of your soul and resurrect its true essence, bring it to the surface, take flight, soar to the heavens and return home to your own heart, knowing you are all of this and all of this is in you.

Then your heaven is on your earth. In bringing this all back to you, you rediscover the power of light in you emanating all through you, filling your legs with the divine momentum to carry you forward. This is all you have to do!

With heart felt love,



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