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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The Trustwalk of Manifestation

Do you believe you can really have what you want?

Think back through your life to times when you might not have got what you wanted. When you’ve been drastically disappointed. Disillusioned by events or those around you.

Does any part of you believe your dream might be too big? That you’re not really able to fulfil it? That you will not be supported to do it or be it? Do you believe the Universe is fully behind you.

Be honest.

Feel into the deepest recesses of your body, your mind.

Do you get any niggling sensation anywhere in your head or body? Any contraction?

Breathe. Feel. Is there any fear?

Do you know where you’re going? Are you sure it’s divinely aligned?

Are you buying into patriarchal financial or mental systems? Because now it is the Divine Feminine running the show and She does not work that way and trying to do things the old way with one foot in the old paradigm and one in the new does not work any more. It is time to cross the bridge.

This bridge can sometimes feel like walking blindfold on a tightrope over a chasm with one hand tied behind your back. It is a trust walk. You have to be deeply centred in your body. Wholly balanced. Clear about the end point. Focussed on the goal. Not wobbled by fear but buoyed by confidence, charisma, divine guidance, inner knowing that this is where you are meant to be going and now is the time.

You weigh through all your options. You get clear on your motives and agendas. From what part of you are they derived? Is your ego clear and out of the way? Are you being run by cultural conditioning or traditional taboos? By masculine control or personal extravagance? Is the time right? What is the next step? Is it a giant leap of faith or placing a stepping stone along the way?

You must meditate on this. And pray. Then wait to be shown the way.

Pass through the eye of the needle. Shed what is not in the highest good. Be willing to let go of what no longer serves. Do your healing around who might not be there on the other side with you or who you might have to leave behind. Divine prosperity dances hand in hand with those who are not faint of heart. It is a higher frequency where fear can have no part. In this dimension everything is accelerated and the lower dimensional emotions have to be cleared in order to inhabit this frequency. This is not about just jettisoning limiting emotion to the annals of the mind, or levels of sub-conscious or shadow. This is about bringing the light to these places of old wound, traumas, thought-forms, belief-systems, persecutions and memories. Owning them.

The unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be healed and released so in the realms of faster movement of light unfinished business will rear up out of nowhere and trip you up, sending you headlong into whatever you most do not want.

So breathe now and feel what you most do not want to happen, what you most do not want to feel, what you most do not want to be and where you most do not want your life to go. Feel all the don’t wants in order to clear and heal them transforming that space within to a golden space for all you know is aligned and do want.

Once again feel the fear you might never have this. Feel what comes up in protest or in contrast. Keep repeating this until there is no hesitation, no limitation, no rollercoaster of hope and fear or excitement and disappointment. Until you come to a place of complete and utter centredness in the core of your being that this is right. You are divinely guided and right on track.

With heart felt love,


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1 Comment

Sep 30, 2018

This blog is some healing recipe to get in contact with yourself and who you really are. Following the steps led to a feeling of peace, trust and deep centeredness. I am so greatful for this post and the help it brings❤️❤️❤️

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