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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The development of, and all that affects your chakras links you into past lives. In other words, pain of the past can and frequently does, live on on through the chakras, as well as the soul, through the spirit, and the DNA, your ancestral lineage and genetic inheritance plus your collective connections. It is a two-way flow, a symbiotic stream of consciousness that re-runs the cd’s of your various pain experiences on continuous repeat in the background of your being until you can turn it off no more, you cannot turn down the sound or clear the images, forget the memory. Eventually it all comes out, the various pain impressions clashing together, vying for space to be heard, connected to, revealed and healed.

What is in your chakras is spiralled through time out beyond the sphere of your incarnation in this life and creates contractions as painful as child labour through any part of your body where pain is being held, of any nature. That can be emotional pain, spiritual pain, mental pain, energetic pain that contract and intensify into nano pain cells which, if not properly healed (and that may mean through all time and throughout the time space continuum that you have been deeply affected by or greatly affected), will lie dormant. Dormant but festering, and that festering will ferment until it explodes through your body. The explosion of pain is the last bastion of expression of the aforementioned levels of your conscious and unconscious being, and will, inevitably, resurface at a time and place that feels very inconvenient to you, possibly even disastrous, in order to get hold of your attention, twist it in a wrench to within and increase the pain-generating momentum until it is no longer bearable or threatens to kill you. That is the Drama of Pain.

The drama of this pain is that you are the sleeping beautiful divine mother waiting to be kissed awake by the overwhelming love of Father Sky when your body is exhausted and crying out for relief from the suffering, the intensity, the obstruction, the limitation, all of which equal PAIN, to be released from this human bondage into your own arms of divine love for the waiting-to-be-borne divine child of your life, even of lifetimes.


Pain will ultimately either kill you, often in a kind of slow agonising intensifying vice-grip, or test you to the maximum, if you are willing to love yourself enough to let it teach you and get you to let go of being its controller. Become its apprentice and it will teach you mastery. It is the saviour of your soul.

With heart felt love,



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