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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Who hasn't experienced feeling helpless?

Who has experienced more feelings of helplessness during the chaos and upheavals of the recent years and especially since The Twin Towers?

Who experiences feelings of hopelessness as we slide inexorably more and more precariously into the supposed End Times?

Buddha said that hope and fear and the impediments to enlightenment. Another modern day prophet said "We must remember we have everything we need in the here and now to be happy unless we are being haunted by memories of the past or fears of an imagined future." For most people this is true.

The irony is that whilst the world seems to be crashing down around our ears we may well be right on the threshold of liberating ourselves for ever from the yoke of human bondage by realising that what is really crashing down around us are the ivory towers of cards we have had ingeniously constructed around us for years. These tunes of darkness, helplessness, terrorism, war and pecunity and apocalypses that we have bought into and blindly danced our lives to may be nothing more than a smoke-screen to hide from us the truth that we are in fact all-powerful and absolutely in charge of our reality and able to transform it with an inner pole shift of the way we view and experience our lives. Now which would you rather believe? Do you wish to chose hopelessness, or will you take the only option now left open to you? Power!

Now if you buy the concept of an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne in the heavens punishing some of us down here for who knows what crimes (certainly many of which can only be imagined, or do not belong to this space and time reality we currently inhabit), then you are left with the fact of a rather implausible and extraordinarily unfair, often very bad-tempered old fart sitting in the sky doling out punishment along with his choleric flatulence, seving meanness, madness and mayhem upon random unwitting victims. What on earth is the point, and does this really actually make sense to anybody any more? If this is your thinking then maybe, just maybe, it is merely a painful reflection of the meanderings of your own inner mind and the place you are creating your reality from.

Now, do we have many options left, my friends? Are we not running out of ways to illustrate this thinking and its ramifications?

Can all the sages of all the ages be wrong in their teaching that we are nothing more than the sum of our thoughts made manifest? Do you think that all the sages were wrong, deluded and confused? Do you therefore think that the rest of us, who are not sages, then know more than those greatly revered wise men and women who have consistently brought love, healing and illumination to the world? Can it be that our ugly thoughts and feelings of fear and loss, misery and war, terrorism, homelessness and disease are more enlightened, more intelligent and more evolved than our erstwhile sages and masters and those therefore utterly delusional souls who were so greatly respected and admired.

Now, what is it, what was it, that guided and inspired those illustrious masters? What made them stand out from the crowd? From where did they get their knowledge and inspiration and for what reasons and actions were they rendered so notable and exemplary? For sure they did not get it from the world majority thinking for they were rare and unusual thinkers. If it did come from outside then why, my friend, are you not receiving that amazing thinking that leads to notoriety or success?

The answer is that they were creative thinkers. The art or acts came from within. Somewhere deep within their own being. From the source of all great creation, the soul. Where is this leading? It leads to the unalterable fact that if you are not having these amazing thoughts or experiences, either you are not accessing that something amazing and inspiring from somewhere out there or not connecting to it's source place deep within.

If the world is our mirror, then this source must exist without and within. The definition of creation is: creation the action or process of bringing something into existence, the bringing into of existence of the universe. So who is brining all this into Creation anyway? You can take the view that we are indeed the unwitting and helpless victims of that wrathful and malicious God for as long as you are happy or willing to remain an utterly powerless victim. Once this option takes its toll and begins to pall, you must sooner or later come to the realisation that you have nothing to lose but to make another choice and the only other option is to find that power within and rise up. Are you ready to realise that you can have it all, that you already have it all within? That that power, that guidance and inspiration is already there, deep within you, in the heart of your soul, just waiting to be unleased? That all the power you need is within - within each one of you?

The first line of the bible "God gave man the word" makes little sense. Does it mean God gave man the power of speech? Didn't He (sic) give us the power of heaing, sense, smell and touch then? It is notable that if you make one tiny adjustment in the spacing of the ancient hebrew script that has been handed down to us over the ages, that it actually translates from the ancient Hebrew as "God gave man thought".

Can that mean that God gave us the power, the ability to speak? Is that all it can be - a facile, limited gift that comprises only one aspect of many extraordinary human attributes and capabilities that constitutes the first, most impactful line of the Bible? Surely, surely, friends, it would have to be something way more significant that this fragmentary crumb of truth?

What if it actually meant something far greater? Something that had repercussions beyond imagining for humanity as a whole, no matter what age or culture we were to find ourselves immersed in? What if it meant that God/Source/Creator actually gave Man, woman and child, all humans the full power of thought? What thought did "God" give us? Would, could, the God/Goddess of all that is, the source of all love and creation give us thought to create something so much less than itself? Oh, yes, that's right, that mean old guy sitting on his throne in the sky would, of course!

What is thought? Thought is creative. What if all those wonderful masters and sages were no different to us except that they were connected into this possible truth that they had the power of creative thought and all this they created, were able to make manifest?

What if the only running out of time were that we/you are running out of time to the paradigm of old or limited thought? What if time were just running out on the old ways of doing things, or the limited ways? What if you are running out of time to make the necessary changes? The changes will happen, but maybe you will not 'happen' with them. The changes are already happening - they are already dramatically under way. What if time were running out on thinking that the dismal realities of our world are creating the reality you are a victim of and that it is just time for you to realise, or re-align, to seeking for the key within?

Time is changing, with or without you. It is happening within and without many. Do you wish to be part of the change, part of the great, the happy, the inspired, the blessings, the new, so far only being felt by a few? Do you wish to start anew, to risk taking a different view, do you wish for a new reality and a new world to ensue? It is up to you.

Start wishing for good thinking, feeling the power of all that is good within you, or start swimming for your life in the tidal waves of change that are time's only curfew. There is only you and you are the sum of your mind, your thinking, in motion with your feelings. Your new creation is up to you and where all of you is at is your creation. Once you know this you have a chance to create anew.

With heart felt love,



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