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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Are you your parent’s child or their drama?

As offspring, ideally, we are meant to ‘spring off’ the foundations of our parents’ consciousness into a pool of our own destiny. However, depending on the pool of consciousness and experience our parents were swimming in around our the time of own conception and birth, how and where we land in the water, how we swim, how well we breathe underwater and whether we ever learn to forwards dive, swallow dive and even backwards dive is directly determined by our own life plan, its prerequisite dynamics, our karma, our other lives and our mission, coloured and imprinted by what we take on from our parents. This is what is meant by the sins of the fathers. The word sin derives from the Latin ‘without’ and, literally, what they were ‘without’ is what will define the journey you will need to take within.

This is a complex spiralling web through time and space to comprehend. To begin with there are certain fundamental factors that syllogistically combine forming certain codes in the Dna that will activate at predetermined times in your life when age, evolving consciousness and maturity plus chakra development combine to catapult you through an emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and energetic growth process, uncovering all kinds of dramas - your own from this life and others, your parents’, your ancestral patterns and beliefs, cultural events that have left unhealed wounds, scars or imprints, karmic lessons with inherent rebalancing and collective events that may have affected you consciously or unconsciously in all kinds of nebulous ways.

1. The unquestioned accepted ‘fact’ that we are conceived approximately 9 months before we are born (if timing proceeds according to Man’s scientific ideas or plan) is quite crucially misleading and omits the crucial significance of when conception really occurs and at what level. We are actually spiritually conceived twenty-two months before birth whenever we are born, so what is happening at that time, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, energetically, with our parents, our environment and in the world, is the true foundation that the energetic matrix of our current life is built upon. And that moment of spiritual conception is the result of your spirit’s and soul’s evolution up until that point. What experiences you are going to need, what lessons you will have to overcome, what challenges and growth opportunities you will have to face coalesce to burst into the seed of new consciousness for your new life with the appropriate synergistic energetic dynamics of two future parents (who might not even have met at the time of your spiritual conception) magnetising the divine plan into motion for your new life.

Now consider that your parents, your parents’ parents and so forth all went through this process and that what is particularly relevant for this life at this time on the planet may well have been pre-determinedly planned countless lives, even centuries or millennia before in linear earth time, for you to be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time with the appropriate ancestry and circumstances for this time and place in the world right now. There is nothing random about this programme. There is a bigger picture and your part in it was written long before you knew, or remembered, who you are. You are essence extending afar.

This is a big dance through the spirals of consciousness and time. In this blog I am only covering the basic stances of the dance, the music, rhythm and lyrics of your matrix and covering a the most significant fundamentals. In that light, the next question that needs asking is the nature of your mother and father’s matrices at the time, firstly, of your spiritual conception, and, secondly your physical conception. What is important to know is that when a woman mates with a man a merging takes place and unless this is a tantric merging of perfectly balanced, emotionally and spiritual conscious connection as well as physical release, the woman most frequently takes on in her body the unconscious essence of the man as well as his unhealed and unfinished business from his past lives. Add to that the ancestral dynamics and you have a melting pot of vibratory impulses injected into the womb where your life is being seeded creating the matrix of who you are about to become.

Furthermore, included in the recipe for your about-to-be life that is cooking, is the little known process of telegony, also known as telegomy. The term telegony was coined by August Weismann from the Greek words τῆλε (tèle) meaning 'far' and γονος (gonos) meaning 'offspring’. I discovered this phenomenon for myself seeing patterns in my own children whilst working on their DNA then came across a reference to it in the Anastasia books, The Ringing Cedars. However the phenomenon of telegony was officially re-discovered in the first quarter of the 19th century. The Big Soviet Encyclopedia describes telegony as “an assumed effect of typical characteristics of a man who copulated with a woman upon the woman’s future children that she may have with other men”. The theory was first expounded in part of Aristotle's biology, and was accepted throughout Antiquity. The concept of telegonic impregnation was expressed in Greek mythology in the origins of their heroes. Such double fatherhood, one immortal, one mortal, was a familiar feature of heroes such as Theseus, who was doubly conceived in the same night. By the understanding of sex in Antiquity, the mix of semen gave Theseus a combination of divine as well as mortal characteristics. Of a supposed Parnassos, founder of Delphi, Pausanias observes, "Like the other heroes, as they are called, he had two fathers; one they say was the god Poseidon, the human father being Cleopompus." Sometimes the result could be twins such as Castor and Pollux, one born divine and one mortal.

Contemporary scientific evidence now shows that female animals and humans can incorporate sperm DNA from prior sex partners and this foreign DNA winds up in future children after the woman successfully reproduces with a completely different male sometimes years later. In the human world, this means that the children a man has with a woman who has had previous sexual partners could possess genes from men the child never meets. Male sperm can change the DNA of an immature egg in a female without fertilisation.

Further evidence of telegony appears in Le Dantec’s writings wherein some farmer told him that once his swine copulated with a boar and their pigs absolutely resembled the father in colour. But when the same swine copulated with another boar some pigs of the second farrow still resembled the colour of the male pig the swine had copulated first. He also wrote about Lord Morton who first interbred a mare and a zebra and got a hybrid of horse and zebra. Next time he interbred the same mare with a horse. As a result of the second copulation the lord still got a colt that had lines resembling those of a zebra.

As an interesting sidebar, it’s not just semen which carries DNA, or can transfer it. People who receive blood transfusions while in a state of trauma, as is often the case, have been found to sometimes absorb the DNA of their blood donors. Not only can these genes be passed on to offspring once absorbed, they also can and do show up in later DNA tests, skewing results.

Interestingly, male DNA from former sexual partners is often transmitted via transference to a woman who bears children by that male, ending up not only in her immature eggs through her bloodstream in sharing fetal blood, but in her brain, as well. The question arises then, how many fathers’ and ancestors’ energies are you carrying in your DNA that are playing out in the dance of your life?

All these factors are not the total sum of the equation. In my Dna energy work with thousands of people, individuals and groups, I have discovered an astonishing and mysterious factor that I have not yet found one single exception to, and that is that every single one of us, at this time on the planet, has been our own maternal or paternal ancestor either seven or eight generations ago. This is a mind-blowing concept. When you get your head around it, what you realise is that the majority of ancestral patterns and dramas that you are consciously or unconsciously processing and working to evolve beyond are your own anyway! Yes, as your own ancestor, you were also subject to the physical and spiritual DNA and energetics of that incarnation’s ancestors, but fundamentally you are dealing with how you handled the cards you had drawn in that incarnation, what you got up to and the legacy you left for your own descendants and ultimately yourself!

For the purpose of this particular article, the final issues to be factored in, is that whilst in utero not only are you intrinsicly physically and energetically connected to your mother, you are both energetically and psychicly, symbiotically immersed in a field of consciousness, most closely with mother and father, but additionally to all those in your DNA. Moreover, above and beyond all these ingredients, you are intimately, simultaneously imprinted and involved with your parents’ sexual acts, feelings and intentions. As the womb sits in the region of the sacral chakra which is the empathy chakra, as well as the seat of patterns set in place generally between the ages of 4-7, you are subject to the memories held therein as well.

In all, the essence of who you are is one with who you have been, who those around you are and have been and all you will be.

Through sacred veils

divine soul hails

many lives many tales

spirit vessel sails.

Remember who you are Essence extending afar.

With heart felt love,


Blog Image: Giovanna Tavares

(*Further Sources for telegony: Russianreport + Wikipedia


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