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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Are you your parent’s child or their drama?

As offspring, ideally, we are meant to ‘spring off’ the foundations of our parents’ consciousness into a pool of our own destiny. However, depending on the pool of consciousness and experience our parents were swimming in around our the time of own conception and birth, how and where we land in the water, how we swim, how well we breathe underwater and whether we ever learn to forwards dive, swallow dive and even backwards dive is directly determined by our own life plan, its prerequisite dynamics, our karma, our other lives and our mission, coloured and imprinted by what we take on from our parents. This is what is meant by the sins of the fathers. The word sin derives from the Latin ‘without’ and, literally, what they were ‘without’ is what will define the journey you will need to take within.

This is a complex spiralling web through time and space to comprehend. To begin with there are certain fundamental factors that syllogistically combine forming certain codes in the Dna that will activate at predetermined times in your life when age, evolving consciousness and maturity plus chakra development combine to catapult you through an emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and energetic growth process, uncovering all kinds of dramas - your own from this life and others, your parents’, your ancestral patterns and beliefs, cultural events that have left unhealed wounds, scars or imprints, karmic lessons with inherent rebalancing and collective events that may have affected you consciously or unconsciously in all kinds of nebulous ways.

1. The unquestioned accepted ‘fact’ that we are conceived approximately 9 months before we are born (if timing proceeds according to Man’s scientific ideas or plan) is quite crucially misleading and omits the crucial significance of when conception really occurs and at what level. We are actually spiritually conceived twenty-two months before birth whenever we are born, so what is happening at that time, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, energetically, with our parents, our environment and in the world, is the true foundation that the energetic matrix of our current life is built upon. And that moment of spiritual conception is the result of your spirit’s and soul’s evolution up until that point. What experiences you are going to need, what lessons you will have to overcome, what challenges and growth opportunities you will have to face coalesce to burst into the seed of new consciousness for your new life with the appropriate synergistic energetic dynamics of two future parents (who might not even have met at the time of your spiritual conception) magnetising the divine plan into motion for your new life.