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 embodied in 


Thousand Suns Lotus involves an emanation from The Divine.

it uses the highest frequency, total transformational energy available on the planet today.


This is a complete, Quantum Field Self-Healing System. Once you have been activated and received this Illumination, you are exponentially empowered to take control and gain mastery of your own healing and accelerated evolution. 


Thousand Suns Lotus is a Divine Realm frequency toolkit from the Divine Feminine for the new era that takes you through the shedding of old systems and paradigms, heals the trauma of the last age, re-encodes all levels of you to embody the new frequencies that have never been available on the planet before and ushers you across the bridge into the promised golden age. 


The Avant Garde of the Golden Age

Emanations of the new Divine Feminine Era

The Quantum Field of

Christed Feminine Frequencies

The Christed Feminine of the new era has never before been incarnated on Planet Earth. It has never been possible.

Until now.


Her frequencies, necessary for the ascension of both masculine and feminine into the 17th dimension, manifest when the individual is ready in the form of The lotus of a Thousand Suns.


With the full rising of the kundalini, from toe to head and right through the body, glitteringly illumined by a blinding golden light that bursts through the physical and subtle bodies, we become illuminated by thousands of brilliant shimmering golden suns.

The thousand suns' lotus is the ultimate divine human destination.  SOLEI 17 is the cosmic road map to get there. 





In this system we work with this SOLEI 17 Mandala created by Dr. Swan after twelve years living in almost total seclusion and nearly three decades of fully immersive study with the Divine Master Yeshua and The Divine Mother.

The Mandala, when in divine right order, can heal all levels of dis-ease (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic) as well as help clear the effects of chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and greatly help combat the effects of vaccinations and artificial intelligence.

It can re-organise and re-vibrate molecules of food and water and all you put in your body not only to nullify heavy metals and negative chemicals, but furthermore re-vibrates your frequencies to higher and higher levels as you increasingly use it.


You can use it to do quick dynamic recalibration, to facilitate the healing and clearing of trauma & disease, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and energetic imbalances and challenges and transform all of your experiences into gifts that take you into higher consciousness and masterful abilities beyond the limitations of the paradigm we have known to date. 


Click sound on using Music Icon above

Watch this as often as you like - repeating it continually increases its power. This emanation clears mind clutter, blocks and negativity, the effects of collective fear, distress and hype, resulting in a harmonising of the mental body and field as well as creating a feeling of wellbeing, clarity and awareness.





The greatest planetary crisis in human history  is now upon us with the most enormous potential for collective healing, awakening and transformation ever. 

The Thousand Suns Lotus system

has been designed for these times

after decades of intense preparation.







Illuminee Sessions catalyse exponential evolution through:-


Transformation of:


Past Lives

Patterns & Programming

Splits, Fragmentation & Dissociation

Archetypal, esoteric, religious and lower density spiritual paradigms

Contracts & Vows that keep you blocked in old limitations & control

Family, Ancestral & Collective Constellations of Drama & Dysfunction

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & energetic imbalances & dynamics


Raising awareness of:

Higher Truths

Visionary Experiences

Direct Communication from the Divine Realm

Full experience of Divine Love, Light & Liberation

Highest possible frequencies & vibrations from Solar Source


Raising Vibration for:

In-body Ascension

Dynamic Direct Divine Connection

The New Higher Divine Feminine Self

than able to manifest on the Planet before.


And much, much, much more.

There are many ways to 

ascend through the

Lotus of The Thousand Suns, 

with this highly 


system that is

specifically designed

 to adapt to varying budgets

 in these extremely 

challenging times. 

As this system creates

exponential transformation rapidly increasing


the raising of vibration,

ascension and 


everyone at any level

benefits increasingly exponentially. 


*Facilitators are highly trained, initiated and illuminated through this system. 

*The system involves 220 cards that cover feelings, states, issues and general aspects of consciousness that keep you blocked or in limitation. 

*Cards are used separately, laid out on a selected template or simply intuitively chosen or dowsed, then transformed with the correct use of the Mandala.

*There are 8 templates: Ascension Spread, Chakra Body Spread, Heart Spread, Diamond Body Spread, Abundance Spread, Merkaba Spread, Sacred Purpose and SOLEI 17 Spread.

*Facilitators are trained to determine which spread is most appropriate for Illuminee

at the time.

*The Cards and Templates work together and/or with the Mandala to create

a field of consciousness that reveals underlying sub-conscious

or unconscious issues whilst  healing and illuminating 

the best way to transform catalysing the highest possible outcome.


1. *Receive your own personalised, dedicated and blessed Mandala from Dr. Swan which you can use as for re-vibration and re-callibration on your body, food and drink or belongings for a quick quantum clearing/realignment. 


2. *Receive your own personalised prayer/Mantra audio from Dr. Swan that accentuates potently your connection to the Divine Goddess and activates the emanation and bestowal of divine blessing for you.


3. *Pray with a Facilitator using your/Illuminee’s personalised Mandala once you have had it created by Dr. Swan (as per no.1), then at fixed time play your personal Mantra (as per no.2), whilst Dr. Swan or Facilitator prays with you (sliding scale fee to Facilitator for their time and energy).


4. *Reading (intuitive or with dowsing or kinesiology) without dialogue -  Illuminee  receives photo with brief explanation. Illuminee uses personalised prayer Mandala and/or Mantra to heal themselves.


5. *Layout Reading with dialogue (per Illuminee’s particular question/situation), Illuminee receives photo of spread with brief explanation.


6. *Full Reading/Transformation with pendulum, kinesiology, Mandala and prayer Mantra : layout and interpretation. 

7. *Full reading/Transformation session with pendulum, kinesiology, Mandala and prayer with layout and interpretation. Transformation achieved through sacred sound and/or dance, prayer and other forms of moving or sonic meditation  from Facilitator.

8. *Receive a personalised 1 minute video of the Solei 17 Universal Mandala with your name and healing mantra or sounds. 


9. *Receive a personalised  2 minute video of your own personalised Mandala of one of the 8  Activations with healing mantra or sounds.

10. *Receive a personalised 2 minute video of your own named Mandala of all 8 Activations with healing mantra or sounds.

11. *Receive a personalised 2 minute video of Pure Energy Divine Frequency, Pure Emotional Divine Frequency, Pure Sensual Divine Frequency or Trauma healing videos with healing mantra. 

N.B. Having your own, personalised Mandala, audio or video creates a uniquely personal experience that is highlighted and enhanced because it is The Divine your individual soul calling you to The Divine.

Each Facilitator develops their own unique way of working with the system to bring through the most potent and appropriate transformation for each Illuminee.

To apply for any of the above please fill in the contact form here. 




In these sessions, you, the Illuminee, receive the series of Thousand Suns Lotus Activation combined with  a Transformation Session either with Swan or the licensed facilitator who referred you.

The 8 Activation & Transformation sessions cover the eight areas of consciousness and dimensions of God/Goddess frequencies necessary for living Heaven on Earth. They are colour and light vibrational frequencies that, with the assistance of your Facilitator, transform multi-dimensions and levels of emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and energetic consciousness throughout your soul/spirit journey.


Activations are set up in your name, dedicated and blessed by Dr. Swan and are included with a Transformation session from your Facilitator or Dr. Swan. Your Facilitator will send you your personalised somatic-soul impulsed SOLEI 17 Mandala for each level of Activation. Together the Iluminee and Facilitator determine whether you need more than one transformation session before each consecutive Activation.  Your Mandalas will be delivered consecutively to you by your Facilitator before each of the 8 Transformation sessions. The 8 Activations & Transformations can be at your most appropriate/chosen pace (your Facilitator can also assist in helping you decide this).  Once 8 Transformations & Activations are complete you are eligible to apply for the Facilitator Training.


  What people are saying:  

* “My reality completely transformed.”

* "Scars on my body are much more faint."

* “I was filled with light and everything lifted.”

* “It cleared effects of chem-trails in my body.”

* “I’m feeling rejuvenated and not gaining weight.”

* “All the negative energy just lifted and dissolved.”

* “This is the most powerful tool on the planet today.”

* “I received waves of light rippling through my body.”

* “I had a vision of consciousness of Mass Awakening.”

* “I was flooded with the divine perfume of wild roses.”

* “I feel the effect of the mandala soooooooooo much.”

* “I felt a  jolt to the heart when I received/used the mandala.”

* “I had a miraculous healing on a cat with marked visible improvement.”

* "I experienced a deep healing and liberation and I was filled with joy and hope."

* "It has changed everything in my life bringing up and clearing out all the old            negative ties and energies."

* "I fell and gashed about 4 inches of my  shin down to the bone needing stitches but  could not get to hospital. Using the mandala mended the skin effectively, clearing the deep, red, swollen welts leaving barely a mark."

*Dr. Swan has been using this system for many years on herself and her clients - see testimonials from earlier sessions here


This system is a sacred effort and emanation, piloted and guided by Dr. Swan, however it is a group service, not individual. 


We are a team. 

"We are each petals of the Thousand Suns Lotus and we together we each grow the flowers and the roots exponentially, so the lotus flower becomes an ever-growing lake of transforming illuminating lotus flowers."


Becoming a Thousand Suns Facilitator

To become a Facilitator it is helpful to have first have experienced the

a series of Activations & Transformations.

Facilitator training is by personal invitation only .

Apply here to find out if you are eligible.

A SOLEI 17  live online training course is currently underway.

Enquire to see if it's still possible to join. 

Thereafter (mid April 2021) it will be available online. 

“The potential of the system is much more than I previously realised. Can create a field of 100% perfect oneness balance and harmony, and once beings are connected into it by having a certain amount of sessions, they continue to receive a constant stream of balancing and harmonising energy.”  

Cliona, Licensed Facilitator. 

Other  Languages :

Transformation & Activation Sessions are available in

Italian, French and soon in Norwegian.



 Start with Your Own Personalised Mandala

  Blessed, dedicated & potently activated - your personalised mandala is programmed  for your highest essence's enhanced connectivity and divine response.

£170          Order here


Your own personalised Prayer/Mantra audio from Dr. Swan

Potently accentuate  your connection to the Divine Goddess and activate the emanation and bestowal of divine blessing for you.

£1440      Order here

SOLEI 17 8 Activations & Transformations Series

(8 personalised Activation Mandalas included)


{For sessions with Dr. Swan use the contact form below or apply to the facilitator who referred you to this page for their fees and availability}

SOLEI 17  Your Metaphysical Map and Toolkit (online course with Dr. Swan) 

Personalised Mandala included

8 weeks/8 zoom sessions 


Sign-up HERE to receive notification when enrolment goes live.




Online programme. 

£2600 (Personalised Facilitator Mandala included)

Apply HERE  to see if you qualify for the Training - enrolment is live!

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