Our bodies and systems are literally bombarded by toxins and chemicals from our sky, earth, water and contaminated food chain. Whilst we can do much energetically to transmute the effects of these our cells need all the support they can get. 

I make it part of my mission to be up to date with the latest and best health products I can find that support our wellbeing and ascension process.  Helping our cells helps our souls. This is a symbiotic dynamic. Nothing exists in the physical that does not already exist in our subconscious or unconscious, and our subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic bodies).

To this end I am affiliated with and/or endorse these products and organisations for physical and metaphysical health and wellbeing.


Some of these offer opportunities to join the business systems and earn a share of the business.

Clayton Thomas,  founder of Roots, was one of founding distributors of Waiora with whom he was involved for years -  he left to found his own superior products because they changed theirs and he knew it wasn’t good enough. 


He has perfected a means of creating a formula that cleans up the body, works systemically and creates outcomes we haven’t seen before using nature and zeolites. 

NewEarth University (NEU) is the worldwide paradigm-shifting learning community of the NewEarth Project, which unites ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we fully manifest a peaceful new earth.


Dr. Swan is Senior Advisor of the Spirituality & Consciousness Faculty of NewEarth University.


NewEarth University, New Earth project and International Tribune of Natural Justice were founded by Sacha Stone. 


Plentiful free resources of Swan's and many other luminaries, teachers and healers.


Swan's profile and courses at NEU


Zeolites have a unique capability to bind heavy metals and environmental toxins which have been historically used as digestive aids which are specific to the gut. Derived from Nature created natural crenoptoliate which acts as an amazing cleaning filter. 

Clayton had 16 years working with powder suspensions, ironised powder to put in water, and has now created 100 steps further than these with nano micro sized crystalline fragments in solution that is permeable to very part of the body from head to toes.

People raving about their incredible and rapid health results after using Clean Slate and Zero-In for just a short time, as well as the amazing level of mental clarity and physical energy they are experience. With accelerated recoveries  from all kinds of diseases, including strokes and heart attacks, Alzheimer's, sport's injuries, Chronic Fatigue, diabetes, psoriasis and eczema, fibromyalgia and many others, Root users are on fire with excitement about the benefits of these amazing products. 

Disegni Guidati dal Signore

Laura vive in una piccola città nel sud della Sardegna. L'amore molto forte da i suoi genitori ha guidato la sua vita da ribelle nell' adolescenza e verso la ricerca della verità, amore ha alimentato la sua forza di vivere in modo diverso da quello che gli altri si aspettavano da le ed in questo scorcio tra liti e paci interiori ha conosciuto Gesù da quel momento in poi viva la sua spiritualità in maniera più aperta. 

I suoi disegni se accompagnano sin da bambina è un richiamo interiore che spinge a fermarsi per raffigurare ciò che non sa di disegnare..quelle immagini che realizza vengono da le ma è come se non se appartenessero, come se qualcuno o qualcosa usasse la sua mano per imprimere un messaggio a volte per le a volte per chi le sta vicino. Quando disegna, Laura quasi mai guarda la carta, ma più spesso in fatti disegna con gli occhi chiusi o persino guarda altrove e la matita si muova automaticamente, cosi riceva e raffigura una trasmissione per chi sta disegnando.  

Oggi "per caso"se capita l'opportunità di aprirsi a chi volesse attingere da questi suoi attimi di sensibilità artistica.

Immagini in arrivo presto!