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Dr. Swan's 30 years of healing
& metaphysical expertise
is now available FOR SELF-HEALING & facilitation
USING quantum


Two thousand powerful bio-feedback resonance frequency libraries containing encoded frequencies! These combine the wealth of proprietary knowledge Dr. Swan has developed in 30 years' experience teaching metaphysics and facilitating the healing, awakening and transformation of thousands around the world.

These are potent ways that radically enhance the ingestion of supplements, going way beyond the physical to reinforce immune systems and build immunity, protect against the bio-weapon electro-magnetic emanations of vaccine energies, clear the frequencies, energies and toxins from you, your environment and the earth, clear the effects of chemtrails and radiation and clear and heal the underlying cause of dark control and tyranny that has been running (and ruining) our world.

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Try out this incredible bio-resonance app  

for a free 15 day trial!


This is your chance to fast forward your healing, transformation and ascension, assist family, friends, clients and play a vital role in the evolution and cleaning up of our earth and the astral realm around us.


The beauty of this app, unlike many others, is that it can be used offline. 

By referral only,


Access the free 15-day trial



Dr. Swan is offering these comprehensive, quantum bio-feedback libraries designed for the challenges of our time,

as a gift to humanity and the world. You can run your own bio-resonance, bio-feedback app, on your phone or tablet, offline!

Whether you are a facilitator who would like to radically increase the potency and benefits of your work for clients, or would simply love to exponentially enhance your own transformation, this advanced metaphysical principles can provide enormous support for you.

To access the app, click below:

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As a Genius practitioner, benefit from being included in  Prayer, Blessing or Healing frequency sessions run by all Genius members of the circle, as well as daily by Dr. Swan. 

For clients, family members or friends, benefit from receiving Prayer, Blessing or Healing frequencies also run by Dr. Swan. 


Join the Bio-Feedback Practitioners' Prayer Circle

Join the Bio-Feedback Practitioners'  Healing Circle

Join the Bio-Feedback Practitioners'  Blessings Circle


Friends & Clients of Genius Practitioners, join Dr. Swan's Prayer, Blessings or Healing Circle



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17 Christess Chakra Crystals  {Approx. 24 frequencies }

Recalibration and alignment for the 17 chakras that make up the energy chakra system of the Divine Human and properly align you to the Divine Feminine of the new era we are moving into. Each chakra is inbued with the energy of a crystal to aid in strengthening and protection. 

anc clearing22.jpg

Ancestral systems clearing {50+ frequencies}

Clear the spectrum of typical family constellations energetics, family patterns and dramas, inherited through previous generations, marriage and relationships, or re-cycled programmes through generations and other lives. 

astral hygiene.jpg

Astral Hygiene & Clearing for Body, House, Life and Work {180+ frequencies}

A comprehensive series of frequencies to cover the entire gamut of the energetic challenges of ascension. In order to attain higher consciousness and raise one’s vibration from 3d to 5d and beyond, it is necessary to navigate the astral realm, i.e. the 4th dimension, or density. This is where everybody’s issues, past, present and future, are held in time, space and consciousness and stored for transformation before ascending to higher consciousness. 

These realms involve much wounding, fragmentation, energetic struggle and sensitivity leaving you vulnerable to spirits, entities and lower frequency consciousnesses that leech off your energy, interfere with and sabotage your progress.

Our world has been inundated with negative beings since the time of Atlantis when the fabric of time and space was ripped open by dark technology and interference. This is the time in our evolution when these energies must be cleaned up and moved off-world in order to free up humanity and the Earth. 

The more you evolve and the greater your consciousness, the more aware and sensitive to negative energies you become until transition to higher realms has been completed. 

These frequencies help make conscious what is around you and affecting you, giving you the tools to support you to clear up your personal space and the environment around you.


Prayer, blessing and healing circles {Approx. 64 frequencies}

Three libraries that we can all use to help one another. Running these libraries will send prayers, blessings and healing to the people and issues within each library. Once you purchase these libraries your name will be added and you will receive blessings, healing and prayers from all the other people who run the library, as well as being able to help others in the circle.

covid clearing22.jpg

Covid Bio-weapon Clearing Healing & Immune Support {Approx. 72 frequencies}

Health, spiritual and emotional support and transformational frequencies to aid rapid recovery and boost protection against this manufactured, challenging type of ‘flu’. 


C.O.J. - The Curse of Jerusalem {Approx. 36 frequencies}


C.O.J. is affecting all humanity and the earth and is one of the main underlying causes of how dark agendas have taken such steadfast and deep control. Clearing this will create a massive positive shift for the world and yourselves. 

Full Video outline/info on

The Curse of Jerusalem, Interview with Sacha Stone


chem clear2.jpg

Chemtrail & radiation clearing {Approx. 26 frequencies}


Clearing heavy metals, toxins, diseases like Lyme, fungi and other problems as a result of chemtrailing and geo-engineering, radiation, polluted food, air, food and water (even organic food is contaminated)

Earth clearing22.jpg

Earth clearing {Approx. 100 frequencies}

Includes these 4 libraries:

Earth Elements 

Earth – Dark Invasion Clearing

Earth – Energies Re-calibrated

Earth – Vibrancy and Health

endocrine metaphysics.jpg

endocrine & Head metaphysics {2 libraries/Approx. 100 frequencies}


Library 1 - Endocrine Metaphysics - reprogramming and rebalancing, centring  recalibrating and realigning the endocrine system, upgrading the glands and spiritual-emotional-physical-energetic function.

Library 2 - Head Metaphysics - covers the metaphysical functions of everything inside your head. The head is the epicentre of the many of our existence’s most important and sensitive functions. This library contains indepth insights into the contents of the head and their metaphysical/symbolic funtions. 

met healing.jpg

Metaphysical Healing : Bodies Modalities &

Particulars {2 libraries/Approx. 240 frequencies}

Library 1 - Metaphysical Bodies Healing, a comprehensive collection of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energy and subtle bodies, fields, their healing, transformation and ascension prerequisites.  

Library 2 - Metaphysical Healing Particulars, healing, clearing and evolving body and soul consciousness, elevating states of psychic, spiritual, energetic and subtle body awareness, comprises Dr. Swan's expertise of the underlying causes of dis-ease.  You can use this library to accelerate exponentially your evolution. Library covers a broad gamut of modalities.


* These libraries include Swan’s frequency quantity guage of the most helpful quantity of frequencies to run. 

reverse body clock.jpg

Rejuvenated! Reversing the Body Clock – 60 is the new 40 {4 libraries/Approx. 200 frequencies}

(Mainly for women, but men can use it too!)

Library 1 - The Principles – master longevity and slow down the ageing process, heal, detox, clear built-up blocks and cultural limitations. The principals that apply to all parts of the body to run in combination with the specific areas. Contains physical, emotional, spiritual and mental codes to run the gamut of ageing challenges and reverse the body clock. Covers past lives, negative Atlantean encoding and a wide range of causes and effects of ageing. It can be an emotional awareness and realisaton process as you turn back the clock on the last 20 years of your life. Rejuvenate cellular and soul memory and watch the years shed away! Run the principals along side the rest of the body.

Library 2 - Face, Head & Neck

Library 3 - Arms & Torso

Library 4 - Legs

shitty comittee.jpg

shitty committee clearing {Approx. 50 frequencies}


Transformation and clearing of cultural, familial and societal projections, beliefs, thoughtform and limitations you have taken on.

stress clearing.jpg

stress & trauma S.o.s. {Approx. 80 frequencies}


A broad collection of typical traumas and archetypal situations from abandonment to betrayal, neglect, struggle etc. Helps make conscious the wounds that you run frequencies on to facilitate and accelerate healing and transformation. 

health booster.jpg

turbo health booster {Approx. 50 frequencies}


A selection of the best health products and protocols from around the world to turbo boost your physical wellbeing. Save money on buying supplements by inputting the vibrational frequencies, healing your body systems at the same time. 

vacc protecc.jpg

Vacc Attack {2 Libraries/Approx. 190 frequencies}


Library 1 -  Clearing, healing & protection protocols against effects of vaccinated ‘fall-out’. The covid bio-weapon is a negative energetic and radioactive frequency that emanates an extensive toxic field of energies and vibrations that can easily effect  you, especially when in close contact with others or from passers-by and neighbours.


Library 2 -  Health Recovery and Reparation from covid innoculation, this covers a broad specturm of healing modalities and health products, spiritual awareness and emotional intelligence frequencies.


vibrancy and bliss {Approx. 80 frequencies}


A library of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and energetic frequencies, affirmations and experiences to uplift, nourish, energise and inspire mind, body, spirit and soul, filling you with blissful feelings and positive vibrations.


24 hour rythmic flow {3 Libraries/Approx. 180 frequencies}

Library 1 - Morning Quick Fix - a program you can activate in a few seconds to get yourself up and running, balanced, centred and aligned. Just put the title in the tray and run on 25% or 50% frequency shapeform, or, if you have a few more minutes, run all reds, greens, yellows and blues on intensity of your choice whilst you make your cup of coffee or tea. No need to wait for that caffeine fix to get your body up and running. Works quickly. (Take it from someone who has trouble getting going in the morning until I’ve commuted back to this world, meditated, centred, balanced, re-grounded and had a cup of tea!)

Library 2 - Daytime Fab Flow - Intentions and affirmations for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic wellbeing to move through the day in a beautiful, serene and vibrant flow.

Library 3 - Night-time Healing & Re-Calibration - a program to run at night for transformation and manifestation, health during deep, peaceful sleep.  Covers physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic issues, health, abundance and wellness whilst you sleep).

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