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Cliona is an intuitive, spiritual-healer, transformation facilitator, counsellor and coach. In her successful private practice she has been giving sessions and consultations, and running groups and workshops for many people for over 15 years.

She holds space with safety and compassion and meets you where you are. She sees your true potential and supports you to step into that.

Since early 2020, her own spiritual evolution and illumination has been greatly expedited by SOLEI17 and using this new Divine Feminine system in her private practice is having miraculous results.

SOLEI 17 page:

"Inger Berit is a grounded, intuitive spiritual healer, who has been on the spiritual path for 15 years.
For the last 5 years she has been working with Swan, receiving healing, attending her courses and retreats. Through her own inner work, working with the SOLEI 17 Divine Feminine healing system from March 2020, she has herself undergone life-changing development.

Inger Berit is a wise, deeply perceptive, heart-felt and tuned-in woman, and with her spiritual connection and the help of the sacred SOLEI17 system, help clients to heal and transform."