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Dr. Swan A. Montague (aka Sahra Renata) is Ambasadress of The Christed Feminine, profoundly initiated and illuminated in the blazing tradition of the true mystical Christ, Yeshua, who created no church or religion but emblazoned the path of the Christed Heart which is the true divine way, truth and  life. Swan sheds new light on Yeshua's teachings from the Christess aspect of the Christos' perspective about living in divine harmony, divine love, divine light, divine guidance and divine alignment in complete honour and acceptance of the sacred feminine as the birther of the new spirituality of our time. 

Swan's mission is The Sacred World Renaissance, encompassed in the word, Kibriya, the Glory of The Second Coming. The Return of Christ is the return of His/Her consciousness through complete union with the resurrected highest-dimensional Divine Feminine Christed self  who has never before been alive and embodied on the planet until now.  Now is the time!


Dr. Swan is a Senior Advisor at NewEarth University on the Consciousness & Spirituality Faculty.




"The Book of Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife"

Every few years a book comes along that could change the world forever…


21 years ago Swan was given 3 months to live with a fatal health condition. She told the doctors it was between herself and God, discharged herself from hospital and went into seclusion to deepen her self-healing. Whilst on her deathbed she had a series of visionary appearances from Yeshua, with whom she thereafter spent 12 years in deep communion. He imparted to her many ancient secret teachings and sacred messages.  After many close encounters with death, and one particular near passing, Jesus appeared and guided her back through time, commanding her "to break the seals". She was hit by luminous  bursts of light, unleashing floods of memory and feeling.

After 12 years of writing day and night in seclusion, the story of his life with his secret wife has been relived, revealed, and now told. The first of the quartet series, "The Book of Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife", whom Jesus called The Golden Rose, is available here

It took over 2000 years for this story to be told, because the world was not ready for the Divine Feminine.
Until now.

Swan is one of the most remarkable spiritual masters I have ever met.
Prof. Ervin Laszlo


"The veils are the highest sacred art on the planet today. This is not just sacred art, these are divine emanations." Andrew Harvey


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