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Dr. Swan has an M.A. in spiritual philosophy and a Ph.D. in metaphysics from an American Inter-Faith Seminary and is an Ordained Spiritual Minister. Her theses were written on "Christ Consciousness & Its Relevance in This day & Age" and "Metaphysics & The Spirit of Disease".  

20 years ago Swan healed herself of fatal disease after being given three months to live. Through her own extreme life challenges Swan had to move beyond the fundamentals of her original training in psychotherapy, hypnosis, past-life healing and regression, shamanism and a wide variety of other healing modalities to develop a further-reaching and faster way of healing and transforming existence. As a result, and after almost 30 years of deep inner transformational work, extenuating initiations and life challenges, and decades of teaching and healing through her dedicated commitment to Direct Connection, Divine Presence & Embodiment, her healing is radical, deep and lasting. For nearly three decades now Dr. Swan has worked throughout the U.S., Europe, the U.K. and Australia. 


Swan's unique teaching and healing approach is based on her intensive personal experiences through her tried-and-tested results of self-healing, spiritual enquiry, initiation and illumination. ​She communes directly with the highest levels of the Divine Realm, healing, guiding and inspiring people to transform their lives, patterns and belief systems to step into an exciting, healthy, dynamic and fulfilling existence and fully align to their most vibrant destiny. She is a quantum break-through transformer of any kind of situation and/or dis-ease, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic. Native American elders say her medicine is what is needed at this time, calling her "Thunder and Lightning Medicine Woman."  


Clients come to Dr. Swan from all over the world, often when they have tried everything else without the hoped-for results. Swan's healing and spiritual guidance is high vibration and creates rapid acceleration - she gets results and changes lives. As key-holder of  The Akashic Realm and The Halls of Karma, you usually need look no further as she is able to seamlessly navigate domains, timelines and worlds, accessing realms of universal records that most cannot reach. 

Dr. Swan works closely with  her clients and audience in a very real, honest and profound way to ensure they reach the level of health, wellbeing and fulfilment they seek, building a deep and affectionate rapport with all who work with her. She brings a refreshingly relatable and human understanding to her teaching and messages from the Divine Realm.

Her overall mission is to inspire, uplift, heal and transform, bringing the world back to a harmonious paradigm of sacred living, helping them to achieve Direct Connection for themselves. Swan speaks and can offer healing in Italian and French, with some basic Spanish.

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"Swan is an exceptional healer. She is able to see and heal a much broader picture than any other healer I've ever worked with (and I've seen a lot).  She healed my adrenal fatigue in a fortnight which had been bothering me for years, and  I tested it out immediately by staying up to 2 a.m.  3 nights consecutively  on a workshop and I felt fine. Swan works on many different levels simultaneously and heals energy bodies, past lives, physical, mental and emotional and spiritual problems. I am much more grounded and centred and have a sense of wellbeing that I didn't have before. Since then she has also helped me immensely with mentoring around relationships and unhelpful mental and behavioural patterns. Most recently she helped me gain abundance in my work and I'm getting many more client bookings. Swan is a very high vibrational healer with insight and divine connection which she delivers with wisdom and kindness and a kind of tough love with was very helpful for me in changing certain patterns. I have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone on the planet and she is particularly helpful for people on the spiritual path." Clíona O'Conaill, Therapist & Dance Teacher, UK

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DiscoveringYour Divine


Everything you are, ever have been or can ever be is waiting in your unconscious or higher consciousness to be unleashed, waiting to blossom through your life, body and soul into an the incredible, unimaginable embodied experience of divine reality, divine connection, divine guidance and divine love of the divine human. This is your innate divine inheritance, just waiting for you to move beyond limitation and step into your divine reality and the frequency of ecstasy. 

All the secrets of your reality are hidden

deep in the fabric of your unconscious.


The unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be healed and released. Ergo, in diving deep into your hidden awareness and revealing the messages from your unconscious self, the mystery your greater self is trying to communicate to you through the dis-ease can be unveiled.


When you connect consciously to these cloaked parts of the self, bringing light where there is darkness and love where there is unhealed malaise, making conscious what needs to be learned or transformed, the love-light switches back on the Dna of higher consciousness and connection, catalysing your being back into wholeness and wellness.  


Dr. Swan offers mentoring sessions for clients with queries or issues they wish to process in a more cognitive way. Using the fundamentals of psychotherapy, karmic tracking, spiritual guidance and emotional intelligence she assists clients to gain new clarity and understanding. Clients can then create new schemas and move beyond the frustrations of old limiting patterns and situations, feel more greatly empowered, able to handle the challenges and growth opportunities life puts before them, regain inner strength and power and manifest a divinely aligned reality.


Dr.  Swan works with many luminaries and leaders in their fields. She is guided by the highest levels of The Divine to navigate multi-dimensional reality and create radical and dramatic shifts in clients' inner and outer worlds. Every session is unique. Sessions are not timed. Dialogue takes place to uncover the fundamental issue or causes then the transformational work continues passively for days and/or weeks after, often even starting before active healing commences. The healing is continued in Dr. Swan's morning and evening healing meditations for as long as appropriate.


Dr. Swan’s readings are astute, giving extraordinary insight into your unique Divine Soul essence. Swan accesses the records of the Universe, reading life energies beyond 3d space and time to get your life/soul map. Querent receives direct potent guidance from Yeshua revealing the most essential facts and what best serves your divine purpose and soul mission, as well as the highest good. Her messages are accurate and poignant. Whilst not always the easiest route is recommended, guidance works if you work it.


The essence of who you are and how your life will unfold is written in the language of the universe – numbers. Your name, date of birth, significant places in your life all denote a pattern and tell the story of your soul, your destiny and your sacred purpose and weave through the fabric of your being. Understanding your own numbers, master numbers and how to align to universal energies is a potent key to a happy, healthy and sustainable life in the new paradigm as we transverse the shift of the ages.


Swan runs retreats and online courses in training as part of her University of Spirit Medicine programme. Courses include pendulum dowsing and alignment/integration of The Direct Connection.  Swan teaches an advanced map of the healing cosmology, The Thousand Suns Lotus,  designed to assist people through the shift of the ages, teach and empower them in total self- healing and self-mastery and facilitate them to become fully functioning divinely aligned humans in the new paradigm of The Divine Feminine Golden Age.


Dr. Swan’s gifts as a medical intuitive enable her to assist you to align to your highest destiny, achieve your potential and energise your optimum path, whether it be career, life or health.


Swan facilitates physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic transformation, re-programming the DNA, helping people with radical healing and transformation to move beyond the seemingly insurmountable or physically 'incurable' (fatal lung conditions, cancers to polycystic ovary syndrome, chronic life-long digestion problems, migraine, back pain and many serious health) challenges.  Dr. Swan is able to track and usually offer appropriate prognoses and healing or otherwise recommend appropriate medical, alternative/holistic protocols, practitioners or therapies.


All types of consultation, including medical intuitive assessments, as well as healing, coaching, mentoring, readings and spiritual guidance from direct communication with the Divine Realm, can be carried out by phone or Skype. Clients are amazed at how powerful and effective Swan's long-distance sessions are.


Dr. Swan works closely with her clients and audience in a very real, honest and profound way to ensure they reach the level of health, wellbeing and fulfilment they seek, building a deep and affectionate rapport with all who work with her.


Her overall mission is to inspire, uplift, heal and transform, bringing the world back to a harmonious paradigm of sacred living helping them to achieve  'The Direct Connection' for themselves.

                                                      "This is the only woman who’s able to bring back people from the most chronic of states.  Hands on heart, look no further." C.P. 


Are you ready for a major life shift?

Dr.  Swan is guided by the The Divine to navigate multi-dimensional reality and create radical and dramatic shifts in your inner and outer worlds. Every session is unique.  Group healings can be arranged.

Sessions  are  non-refundable  (the  healing  work  is always  carried  out  with the  full  guidance  and support  of  the  highest  levels  of The Divine  Realm and it  is  the  client's  responsibility  to  take responsibility  for  following guidance,  keeping  up  their  inner  work  and self-development  programmed  and  continuing  to  evolve  self-awareness!

Sessions are not based on time but how long and how much energy is required for all that can be done - they are usually between 40mins – 1.5 hrs actively, however the major work continues passively for days and/or weeks after, and often will even start before active healing commences. The healing is continued in Dr. Swan's morning and evening healing meditations for as long as the duration of a course of treatments. Eventually it is intended that the client progresses to learning self-healing.

A course of action is decided upon after initial 20 minute free assessment call, then agreed and paid up fully in advance. Sessions are non-refundable (the healing work is always carried out and it is the client's responsibility to take responsibility for following guidance, keeping up your inner work and self-development programme and continuing to evolve self-awareness.

"Swan is the thunder and lightning medicine woman -

she carries the medicine that is most needed

on the planet at this time."  

                                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Kicking Bear, Cherokee Elder, Medicine Woman


A course of action is decided upon after an initial assessment, then agreed and paid in advance in full.

Payment by Paypal, credit card on Square or bank transfer.  N.B. credit card payments +3%
Fill in contact form to let us know of your interest or obtain payment details.
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