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To protect against toxic frequencies in the environment & for those who have been inoculated, family members, animals, or those close to them who are being affected by fallout, spike proteins, negative energetic emanations or who merely wish to boost their immune systems and consciousness against the bio-energetic frequencies.


(3 libraries Approx 200 frequencies total)


Library 1 -  Clearing, healing & protection protocols against effects of vaccinated ‘fall-out’. The covid bio-weapon is a negative energetic and radioactive frequency that emanates an extensive toxic field of energies and vibrations that can easily effect  you, especially when in close contact with others or from passers-by and neighbours.


Library 2 -  Health Recovery and Reparation from covid innoculation, this covers a broad specturm of healing modalities and health products, spiritual awareness and emotional intelligence frequencies.


Library 3 -  Protect your DNA from artificial intelligence, dark technology and negative coding as a result of spike proteins, cov vacc energies and bio-weapons.​

Vacc Attack Healing & DNA upgrade

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