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Zodiac - The 22 Original Signs


Shifts of energy are becoming increasingly palpable as we journey ever deeper into photonic light and consciousness. The movements of the planets and stars have an enormous electro-magnetic, mental, spiritual and emotional effect on our state of existence as well as our physical reality.

Aligning to the planets and stars and healing the issues they spark off within and in our lives assists greatly in the transformation of the challenges of the cosmic rollercoaster into an experience of conscious creation and more harmonious evolutionary awareness and mastery of this reality.

We all have other life experiences and connections at a soul and cellular level all over the cosmos - healing and re-connecting according to the stars and planets that are affecting you at any given time is enormously powerful and vitally important in bringing you into alignment to live well, healthily and harmoniously especially as we emerge into the new paradigm.


(*Included with library is pdf of the 22 signs and corresponding birth dates.)


90+ Frequencies

Lost Signs Of The Zodiac

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