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Health Essentials is an 11 library masterbranch containing a vast range of health essential libraries each designed to heal and cleanse an important part of the body.


Plastics Detox - Absorbing plastic is inevitable. It is a dangerous and inhibiting substance once taken into the body and it is extremely hard to cleanse and remove. This library uses detox frequencies and takes advantage of the natural detox effects from certain foods as well as uses affirmations to assure easy and smooth plastic detoxing. 42 Frequencies.


Heart Health - It is vital to keep the heart in healthy condition. That is why this library takes the frequency from dozens of healthy foods, substances and medicines that help to keep the heart in great condition. The emotional aspects are also included along with chakras that are most relevent to the heart. 38 frequencies.


Hz Healing - Hz are powerful frequencies that can instantly calm, heal and activate the body. This Hz library uses a series of different Hz frequencies to heal, remove fear and negativity and bring emotional clarity. 11 frequencies.


Skin Health - Skin damage is one of the most underestimated causes of major health issues. There are dozens of chemicals, substances and harmfull additives that are damaging to the skin. From food, air, water and from sunscreen, lotions, products, makeup and even from the "safe" kinds. This library cleanses these chemicals and targets the healthiest minerals and skin healing methods to achieve high quality skin health and revitalisation.

45 Frequencies.


Lung Healing and Detox - If you have ever been near mold, breathed fumes, pollution or had lung issues in the past then chances are you need this library. It targets a huge range of lung issues from diseases to pollution or smoke inhallation by using a series of detox methods, ayurvedic medicines, chinese medicines, healthy foods and Hz frequencies. 51 Frequencies.


Intestine Healing and Detox - It is imperitive to keep the intestines cleansed, clear and in the highest condition. This panel takes the most effective foods from around the world for healing and detoxing the intestines as well as healing nerve damage, de clogging and activating probiotics. 36 Frequencies.


Bone Health - Bones are incredibly underestimated when it comes to keeping the body healthy as a whole. In fact, it often seems that there is not much to be done to heal and strengthen the bones! This is not true. There are a series of improtant foods and medicines from around the world that can be used to keep the bones as healthy as possible. This library takes the frequency from various supplements, medicines, foods and minerals as well as uses affirmations to ensure the bones are as healthy as possible. 40 Frequencies.


Heavy Metal Detox - We all know the importance of keeping the body clear of heavy metals. The real question is how to do it? Removing heavy metals is actually quite difficult but fortunately there are specific foods and supplements that can be used to achieve a healthy body cleansed of heavy metasl. This library takes those frequencies and combines them with the energy of physical methods for detoxing as well as healing the damage done by them! Something that simply detoxing does not do. 28 Frequencies. 


Liver Detox - Evidently liver damage is an extremely common issue due to the incredible strain placed on the liver by modern foods and substances. The liver can also be the cause of many other health issues all around the body if not looked after and taken care of properly. This huge liver health and detox library covers a vast range of medical, physical and energetic causes of liver damage. It also uses detox methods, chinese medicines, metaphysical healing and the frequencies of acupuncture to assure the liver can truly thrive. 50 Frequencies.


Kidney Detox - Chemicals, caffiene, flouride and a host of other substances are a threat to the kidneys. Detoxing and healing in this area is also essential. By once again taking advantage of the most effective medicines from around the world specifically focused on kidney healing and combining the frequency of healthy foods, alkaloids and metaphysical causes this library is great for overall health stemming from the kidneys. 32 Frequencies.


Tissue Salts - Last but not least a full list of the frequencies of Schuessler Tissue Salts which are one of the worlds best kept secrets. Dr. Schuessler discovered the health-supporting effect of several mineral salts, that were developed homeopathically for the assimilation by the cells of the body. These salts are one of the most useful tools for overall health, disease prevention, healing and so much more. It is one of the most simple and effective tools for achieving great health. This library uses the frequency of each tissue salt so you can garner the incredible benefits without needing the phycical salts. 27 Essential Tissue Salt Frequencies.



Health Essentials Master Branch

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