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Metaphysical: with cancer there are always psycho-emotional issues that are triggering the cancer in order that the patient may heal and evolve - these are things that need to be made conscious in order to heal. This general cancer metaphysics panel addresses unresolved and unfinished spiritual, emotional, mental business, inner child and past life or karmic issues that are setting the stage for the cancer consciousness.


Physical: these panels cover a wide range of therapies and medical systems, side effects, herbal remedies, Chinese & Ayurvedic medicines and alternative therapies.


Awareness & Consciousness - encodes and activates positive affirmations, heals and raises mindset and uplifts consciousness to a state of optimism, courage and knowledge of divine potential and alignment.


Chemo & radiation panel contains messages to body and mind to alleviate side effects and eliminate or transmute toxicity, nausea, exhaustion and insomnia.


Cancer - Remedies 

Cancer - Awareness & Consciousness

Cancer - Kidney

Cancer - Rectal 

Cancer - Prostate

Cancer - Bone

Chemo and radiation - side effect mitigation


                                Approximately 800+ frequencies


Cancer Healing Physical & Metaphysical

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