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As an expert interpreter and transmitter of Divine Energies "Swan can navigate

worlds and realms effortlessly that others don't even dream of."

A live energy clearing, realignment, balancing and blessing creates a tangible effect. Through prayer and sacred ceremony Dr. Swan generates a vibrant transmission of divine frequency waves that repalpate the living field of your personal world, thus emanating into your life-body, your love-body, your money-body, your soul-body, your spirit-body, your very Essence and that of your environment, creating a harmonious field in your environment for you and your family or employees. She brings higher energies through as living emanations of the divine that build and flourish in, around and throughout your enivronment as you step through the doorway into these realms with her for as long as you honour, respect, nourish and cherish the Divine Presence in your life.

Swan also creates Altars and Sacred Spaces to which you can add Temple Veils or Sacred Veils as the central altar piece(s) of your rooms, house, office and life to further enhance the field, uplift, inspire and maintain a higher energy.




Price (varies according to area, size of property, time and energy involved and whether home visit is required).

General House blessing (remote)


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