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Vibrating Juicy Abundance

Manifesting according to 

The New Divine Feminine Laws of Abundance

& the New Karmic Order

Essential hitherto unknown Codes & Keys to Living a

Truly Divinely Prosperous Life

as revealed to Dr. Swan by Yeshua & The Divine Mother

that have been hidden from humanity for 3,300 years.

Golden Age Manifestation VJA header____.

Manifesting according to the laws of The Divine Feminine New Paradigm

Turning the karmic tide around

Clearing patriarchal hierarchical control

Moving beyond collective & cultural conditioning

Transforming the secret sacred codes

Healing past life money traumas

Transforming limiting thought-forms and beliefs

Alchemising your divine juiciness

Clearing ancient vows and contracts

Deleting ancestral patterning

One Lunar Cycle to Change Your Life

It is time to live your full potential.

Are you ready?

This unique course gives you hitherto unknown secret codes and energy transmissions as given to Dr. Swan in a series of visionary experiences and communions with Yeshua. 


Dr. Swan was one of a small group of alchemists responsible for creating the Kaballah 3,600 years ago who were charged with creating and manifesting an energetic imprint that would enable humans to have potential to manifest according to the highest good. Until now no-one has known how the ancient Egyptians created so much wealth, abundance and artistry. These are the keys that the ancient Egyptians used that have recently been revealed to Swan to share with the world.

3,300 years ago in Egypt a group of  kabbalists with dark and nefarious objectives removed codes from the energetic tree of life that wove through the planet at that time and kept them secret for their own private use.  That legacy has has been passed down and perpetuated to keep humanity in a state of ignorance, powerlessness and enslavement for over three millennia. In a series of visionary experiences and communions with The Divine Mother and Yeshua between August and October 2018, these secret codes have been revealed to Swan to share with a group of people online in November of 2018. These codes and keys that have been embedded deep in the Dna of humanity and their collective human brain consciousness have blocked true sacred prospering power and kept people in limitation and unconscious entrapment with no way out.  This has been a giant karmic play that is now facing its final curtain.  Not everyone is ready karmicly to have this spell released and to be able to have their Dna transformed and brain cortices reprogrammed. This transformational process will be transmitted in waves as more and more people are karmicly balanced enough and ready and line up to re-receive their divine birthright. This is a blueprint that has never been made public before and has the power to literally change millions of lives. 

This was possible because a mistake was made in the energetic security of the blueprint and when in  3,300 B.c.e. a group of dark esotericists discovered the loop-hole and corrupted the codes, they manipulated them in order to monopolise the powers of manifestation. This has affected most of the planet due to the corrupted imprint being passed down through family, soul Dna and cellular memory for over three millennia, and now Swan has been given the keys to correct the imprint and re-set the codes, freeing those up who are ready to step into full Divine Alignment and are committed to the highest good. If you are here, you might have been there, and you are definitely ready for this potent, far-reaching energetic and palpable reality shifts.

The keys are ours to turn and the revolving door reveals the gateway into a new world as in unison we vibrate the weight of our highest intention and greatest determination to manifest an exciting reality that fulfils our destiny, wishes and dreams.

Connect in heart, in energy, in a field of divine consciousness

and in Oneness as together we bring into being

our greatest beingness, our heart-felt dreams,

our visions and purpose.  

This is a programme for those of you who are ready.

The course gives you three Divine Transmissions with the full power of Yeshua with daily lessons or exercises and workbook,  created for lightbringers to assist them collectively to move forward and to gather the energy of the group to increase abundance, support and catalyse exponentially divine mission and sacred purpose. 

In this course you will get the highest vibratory abundance teachings, energetic keys and Dna re-encoding as revealed to Swan by Yeshua and The Divine Mother; keys and codes which have been hidden from humanity for 3,300 years, and the results are manifesting fast and potently.

Course can be listened to repeatedly, building and enhancing the energies of abundance and facilitating the manifestation of all you need to acclerate personal and planetary evolution.

Do you want to surf the wave of these deeply transformational planetary conditions and prepare for the new era which will shift forwards incredibly fast and powerfully as soon as it is time and you are in sync and divine alignment?  In order to prosper in the new reality you need to be karmicly aligned and energetically reattuned. This is a life-changing course that literally opens the gateway to a divine reality. 


Apply now if you want this, if you know you are ready and willing to step up and say 'Yes' to all you can be and do.

For the highly attuned intuitive or you who

are ready to sign up now click here

to go straight to the sign up form. 

N.B. This is a course with a difference. It is for those who are called to a higher purpose. It is for those of you who are willing and ready to move forward. 

This is not just about financial abundance - this is about juicy, joyous, general well-being pulsating throughout your life. It is the reclaiming of your divine sovereignty. It is the power of your spirit centred and in perfect balance within your soul to make sense of your being and add fuel to your mission.

This is the most comprehensive abundance clearing, healing, realigning, karmicly transfor-mational 'sovereignty re-gaining for ultimate manifestation' course. For those with big dreams and a higher purpose.


How far are you willing to go for the vehicle to manifest your dreams?

How much of you are you willing to be?

Are you ready?

The Time is Now!

Why is this time so important?

PLEASE NOTE: This November 2018 has the most energetically potent dates for millennia and for the following 13 month period so now is absolutely THE BEST TIME to do this course. 11.11 and 22.11 in 2018 are master numbers 33 and 44 - Christ Consciousness and Divine Resurrection. Doing the transmissions on these days will exponentially enhance the transformational energies and catapult your lives forward. 

Every month will have it's power days which you will be given whenever you join but these dates are the juiciest activation days of this millenium so far.  

The course is available from 2 November 2018 in time for the Noevember new moon and the most potent days of the year. 

What You Will Receive

*Access to private membership area.


*A month long course that is the farthest reaching and most comprehensive matrix-altering abundance transformation around.

*3 Recorded Transmissions with guided meditations to experience at the beginning, middle and end of course.


*The secret prosperity codes and keys from the Kaballah that the ancient Egyptians used to mysteriously create massive wealth and abundance which have been hidden from humanity for 3,300 years. 

*A workbook where you can make your own notes and record your experiences and guidance that comes through.

27 lessons or exercises.

*Karma clearing and realigning.

*Archetypal clearing.

*Ancestral clearing.

*Past, present and future life clearing.

*Access to higher guidance.

*Increased momentum for your mission

*Cosmic realignment.

*Clearing of patterns and wounds, limiting thoughtforms and belief systems.

*Access to a private Facebook page where you can share ides and experiences.

*Connections, potential collaborations and j.v.'s.

*A calendar with the most numeroligically potent dates to do the transmissions and the most powerful days for the next three months.  


Cost : £660

Ready to sign up now?

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and course plan

Single payment £660 


 3 payments  £220 

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