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What is in your cells?

{Micro image of a human cell}

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Dr. Swan's 3- years of healing & metaphysical expertise is now available FOR SELF-HEALING & facilitation USING quantum biofeedback  freQuencies


These powerful bio-feedback bio-resonance frequency libraries contain bio-feedback encoded frequencies as well as the wealth of proprietary knowledge Dr. Swan has developed in over 30 years' experience, teaching metaphysics and facilitating the healing, awakening and transformation of thousands around the world.

These are potent ways that radically enhance the ingestion of supplements, going way beyond the physical to reinforce immune systems and build immunity, protect against the bio-weapon electro-magnetic emanations of vaccine energies, clear the frequencies, energies and toxins from you, your environment and the earth, clear the effects of chemtrails and radiation and clear and heal the underlying cause of dark control and tyranny that has been running (and ruining) our world.

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Try out this incredible bio-resonance app  

for a free 15 day trial!


This is your chance to fast forward your healing, transformation and ascension, assist family, friends, clients and play a vital role in the evolution and cleaning up of our earth and the astral realm around us.

The beauty of this app, unlike many others, is that it can be used offline. 

By referral only,

gain access to the free 15-day trial



Comprehensive, quantum bio-feedback libraries

designed for the challenges of our time,

as a gift to humanity and the world.

Whether you are a facilitator who would like to radically increase the potency and benefits of your work for clients, or would simply love to exponentially enhance your own transformation, this advanced metaphysical principles can provide enormous support for you.

{Free (limited time offer) Bio-resonance libraries now available to use with Genius Insight quantum biofeedback app on your mobile phone or tablet]

Vacc Attack Healing & Protection {for toxic vibrations in the environment} &

Vacc Attack Health Boosters & Dna Upgrade {for those who have been inoculated, family members, animals, or those close to them who are being affected by fallout, spike proteins, negative energetic emanations or who merely wish to boost their immune systems and consciousness against the psycho-energetic frequencies 

Covid Bio-Weapon Healing, Clearing & Immune Support - health boosting and protection against Covid and other new or manufactured illnesses, with physical, emotional, spiritual and mental support.

C.O.J. - The Curse of Jerusalem is affecting all humanity and the earth and is one of the main underlying causes of how dark agendas have taken such steadfast and deep control. Clearing this will create a massive positive shift for the world.

Chemtrail Clearing + Radiation - clearing heavy metals, toxins, diseases like Lyme, fungi and other problems as a result of chemtrailing and geo-engineering, radiation, polluted food, air, food and water (Even organic food is contaminated). 

Earth Clearing - clearing effects of all of the above from the earth and your environment.

Video clip explanations for each library coming soon!

Full Video outline/info on

The Curse of Jerusalem here:

To access the app, click below:

(N.B. by referral only. Ensure you put Dr. Swan in referral box

so we know where to send your free libraries!) 

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Dr. Swan's metaphysical bio-feedback libraries
available FOR sale 



17 Christess Chakra Crystals

Recalibration and alignment for the 17 chakras that make up the energy chakra system of the Divine Human and properly align you to the Divine Feminine of the new era into which we are moving.



Reversing the Body Clock, cellular age reprogramming series for Mind Body Soul Rejuvenation

Ancestral systems clearing - the spectrum of typical family constellations energetics, family patterns and dramas, inherited or re-cycled programmes through generations and other lives.



Moola Mastery - Higher Financial Consciousness & Manifestation


Morning Quick Fix - a programme you can activate in a few seconds to get yourself up and running, balanced, centred and aligned.



Vibrancy & Bliss - a library of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and energetic frequencies to uplift, energise and inspire, filling you with blissful feelings and vibrating high.



Turbo health booster - a selection of the best health products and protocols to turbo boost your physical wellbeing.



Metaphysical Healing Practices - healing, clearing and evolving body and soul consciousness, elevating states of psychic, spiritual, energetic and subtle body awareness.  Dr. Swan's expertise of the causes of dis-ease, encoded into bio-feedback frequencies you can use to accelerate exponentially your evolution



Trauma Healing -assistance in healing a broad collection of traumas and archetypal situations



Shitty Committee Clearing- transformation and clearing of cultural, familial and societal projections, beliefs, thoughtform and limitations you have taken on.



Stress S.O.S - 2 libraries: Re-calibrating Stress and Relax Pack

Endocrine Metaphysics - reprogramming and rebalancing, centring and recalibrating and realigning the endocrine system, upgrading the glands and spiritual-emotional-physical-energetic function. 



Night-time Healing & Re-Calibration - a programme to run at night for transformation and manifestation, health during deep, peaceful sleep.

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