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Trustwalk of Manifestation


Do you believe you can really have what you want?

Think back through your life to times when you might not have got what you wanted. When you’ve been drastically disappointed. Disillusioned by events or those around you.


Does any part of you believe your dream might be too big? That you’re not really able to fulfil it? That you will not be supported to do it or be it? Do you believe the Universe is fully behind you. 


Be honest. 

Feel into the deepest recesses of your body, your mind.  Do you get any niggling sensation anywhere in your head or body? Any contraction?


Breathe.   Feel.  Is there any fear?


Do you know where you’re going? Are you sure it’s divinely aligned?


Are you buying into patriarchal financial or mental systems? Because now it is the Divine Feminine running the show and She does not work that way and trying to do things the old way with one foot in the old paradigm and one in the new does not work any more.  It is time to cross the bridge.  

This bridge can sometimes feel like  walking blindfold on a tightrope over a chasm with one hand tied behind your back.  It is a trust walk. You have to be deeply centred in your body.  Wholly balanced. Clear about the end point. Focussed on the goal. Not wobbled by fear but buoyed by confidence, charisma, divine guidance, inner knowing that this is where you are meant to be going and now is the time. 


You weigh through all your options. You get clear on your motives and agendas. From what part of you are they derived? Is your ego clear and out of the way? Are you being run by cultural conditioning or traditional taboos? By masculine control or personal extravagance? Is the time right? What is the next step? Is it a giant leap of faith or placing a stepping stone along the way?


You must meditate on this.  And pray.  Then wait to be shown the way. Pass through the eye of the needle. Shed what is not in the highest good. Be willing to let go of what no longer serves. Do your healing around who might not be there on the other side with you or who you might have to leave behind.  Divine prosperity dances hand in hand with those who are not faint of heart.  It is a higher frequency where fear can have no part. In this dimension everything is accelerated and the lower dimensional emotions have to be cleared in order to inhabit this frequency. This is not about just jettisoning limiting emotion to the annals of the mind, or levels of sub-conscious or shadow. This is about bringing the light to these places of old wound, traumas, thought-forms, belief-systems, persecutions and memories. Owning them. 

The unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be healed and released so in the realms of faster movement of light unfinished business will rear up out of nowhere and trip you up, sending you headlong into whatever you most do not want. 


So breathe now and feel what you most do not want to happen, what you most do not want to feel, what you most do not want to be and where you most do not want your life to go.  Feel all the don’t wants in order to clear and heal them transforming that space within to a golden space for all you know is aligned and do want. 


Once again feel the fear you might never have this. Feel what comes up in protest or in contrast. Keep repeating this until there is no hesitation, no limitation, no rollercoaster of hope and fear or excitement and disappointment. Until you come to a place of complete and utter centredness in the core of your being that this is right.  You are divinely guided and right on track. 

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Bridge of Trust

No Mud No Lotus

Recreation - Hope for Feeling Helpless

Constellation of Parent

Child Drama Dharma


People keep asking me "Do

we have to go through


"Why do we have to suffer?

Or stating, "Suffering is part

of the illusion, there is no

need to feel pain."


THIS, my friends, is the 

illusion. This is the ego-

mind  - spiritual concepts of

which it has little 

understanding, has not 

integrated and has not yet

been relevantly initiated into

or through.

It is the new-age panacea, wishful thinking lip-speak to perpetuate a semblance of 'feel-good', a false sense of security based on being in full control' and a denial of a force FAR greater than ourselves or anything we can imagine, known most appropriately as Great Mystery.


The uncomfortable truth is that if you believe these concepts, if you think that "karma has been abolished", that you are immune to darkness and experiencing anything that is not light which is un-necessary, then you are in great denial - unless of course you are a fully enlightened, ascended being who has risen through all this to rise to higher levels of consciousness.


Make no mistake - no higher being who has achieved states of so-called 'enlightenment' did so without feeling, facing, experiencing or being aware of the darkness, within and without.    The ONLY way to bring in the light, embody it, is to feel the darkness, own the darkness (which might be pain, suffering, anger, sadness, hurt, fear, sickness, abuse, past-life or present, child-hood or current, any or all of the above and other). The ONLY way to activate higher Dna/higher consciousness is TO FEEL the darkness, to 'OWN' the darkness, to "ALLOW' the darkness, to 'EMBRACE' the darkness - in doing this you bring light/love/higher awareness to it and that, my friends, is what SWITCHES ON the light/Dna.  The darkness is, in fact, the light switch. The rest is hyperbole - lack of spiritual and emotional intelligence, understanding and experience - tricks of the mind.


It is true (and you may read this in The Course in Miracles) that the ego referred to in the Course is the opposite of love and not real, YET………..  you have to know the ego in order to enlighten it, by healing and transforming it to transcend it. And it is facile to believe that everything that is 'bad' or negative' that happens, is felt or spoken about, is mere ego to be transcended –this is to deny the very process that can take you on the healing journey THROUGH the darkness, the ego, and back into light, which might in turn be the greatest gift/learning of your life, the most powerful empowerment, the most deeply profound karmic, past-life or child-hood healing that in turn simply clears the underlying need or reason for the ego to have taken control or set up this drama, issue or event in the first place. 


Furthermore, individually and collectively, we are in body here at a time in planetary evolution when there is MUCH karmic healing and clearing that is essential in order for personal and global consciousness to undergo rapid and dramatic shifts in awareness and potential. This CANNOT be transcended without knowing it, experiencing it, being willing to face and heal it, and if you have not done this for yourself, you cannot help others through it AND you do not, in a real, honest way, have the love, compassion or understanding necessary to become more ‘embodily’ enlightened.  


Those thoughts and belief-systems are a headspace that keeps one 'above' the darkness and out of the mud.  My friends, no mud, no lotus!  It is as simple as that.  Why is the lotus such a powerful symbol?  Because it grows in mud, it roots in mud, it cannot exist without mud.  Without mud, there can be no stem, no bud, no flower, and no perfume.  So if you are not willing to deal with the mud consciously, know the mud, sink in the mud, simply said, you cannot become the lotus - you can only talk about it - and that kind of talk is cheap, empty.  It is a false story created by 'ego' to protect you from dealing with the very areas that prevent you from healing and guiding the ego to a point where the ego is entrained to work for you, not run the show like an out-of-control child or pet. The ego mind is the mirror of your unconscious, hidden agendas to avoid, surreptitiously, areas that it has well wrapped and hidden (shadow) or swept under the rug, conveniently disguised as un-necessary to deal with.  It will always come back to bite you on the bum.  It is the tail you cannot cut off for it will grow back again, it is the shadow you cannot hide, for as you shine more light upon it so it will expand and track you down, get bigger and bigger until it cannot be denied. 


The unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be recognised, healed and released.  The darkness will keep perpetuating, re-creating itself somewhere, in some way, in your life until you face it and deal with it.  It will manifest as an angry partner or neighbour, a disaster or accident, disease or emotional distress and anxiety, financial hardship, abandonment homelessness, to name but a few, and God, Great Mystery, the Divine, Source, works in infinite and mysterious ways, thus, come hell or high water, literally, it will return to your shore as the waves roll in with the tides.  Ignore it at your peril - eventually it will become a tsunami.


WHEN you can feel, know, fully experience the light in the midst of the darkness, then you are on the way to enlightening - but enlightenment is not a finite process, it is a continual journey of growth and evolution and I am absolutely sure that if you think you are there then you definitely are not!  For, as we delve deeper and deeper into the labyrinth, the darkness, the veils of illusion, and higher and higher into the light, we realise that our humanity and spirituality are a paradox - a duality that has only one way to exist and that is to co-exist.  In the integrating of the two within one's consciousness one is able to step into a higher level of being that allows the duality, the polarity, yet is not caught up in 'good or bad', 'positive or negative, 'right or wrong'.  As one allows, heals, feels, it all, there is realisation that whatever is happening to you or others is happening for a 

reason, and having experienced the same issue, there is understanding and compassion for the suffering, your own or others, that "allows" this suffering, this dis-ease, to be there and in the 'allowing' there can be healing and release.


Do not be fooled into thinking that anything that is happening to or around you is random, or unrelated to you if you are feeling it. Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is happening for a reason and if you are feeling it and having some kind of inner reaction on any of these levels there is something in it for you.  It is NEVER just a cold or just an upset stomach, it is NEVER just an accident or 'shit happens', it is ALWAYS a teacher for you, a message for you, an AFGO* for you. There is always an emotion, an energetic, a karmic or some other form of learning that wants to take you to the next level.  If you lump these experiences in the mundane realm of happenstance you are missing a great opportunity to expand, evolve, enlighten a little more.  If you do not look for the signs, ask for answers and listen to them, pay attention to the messages and words of teachers that come in many forms, or recognise the point of the process you are in, then you are staying stuck in the mud that you wanted or hoped to avoid. You think you have higher/greater consciousness, greater spiritual wisdom, deep knowing?  See you in the mud, my lotus friends!



*AFGO: euphemism for “another f---ing growth opportunity”



The phrase “No Mud No Lotus” is borrowed from the title of Maya Yonika’s book by the same name, a term for which I am deeply grateful in that it absolutely, evocatively and clearly conveys all of the above and infinitely more in the beautiful simplicity of a few words.  Maya Yonika’s book “No Mud No Lotus” is available on Amazon.

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Who hasn't experienced feeling helpless?


Who has experienced more feelings of helplessness during the chaos and upheavals of the recent years  and especially since The Twin Towers?


Who experiences feelings of hopelessness as we slide inexorably more and more precariously into the supposed End Times?


Buddha said that hope and fear and the impediments to enlightenment.  Another modern day prophet said "We must remember we have everything we need in the here and now to be happy unless we are being haunted by memories of the past or fears of an imagined future."  For most people this is true.  


The irony is that whilst the world seems to be crashing down around our ears we may well be right on the threshold of liberating ourselves for ever from the yoke of human bondage by realising that what is really crashing down around us are the ivory towers of cards we have had ingeniously constructed around us for years. These tunes of darkness, helplessness, terrorism, war and pecunity and apocalypses that we have bought into and blindly danced our lives to may be nothing more than a smoke-screen to hide from us the truth that we are in fact all-powerful and absolutely in charge of our reality and able to transform it with an inner pole shift of the way we view and experience our lives.  Now which would you rather believe?  Do you wish to chose hopelessness, or will you take the only option now left open to you?  Power!


Now if you buy the concept of an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne in the heavens punishing some of us down here for who knows what crimes (certainly many of which can only be imagined, or do not belong to this space and time reality we currently inhabit), then you are left with the fact of a rather implausible and extraordinarily unfair, often very bad-tempered old fart sitting in the sky doling out punishment along with his choleric flatulence, seving meanness, madness and mayhem upon random unwitting victims.  What on earth is the point, and does this really actually make sense to anybody any more?  If this is your thinking then maybe, just maybe, it is merely a painful reflection of the meanderings of your own inner mind and the place you are creating your reality from.


Now, do we have many options left, my friends?  Are we not running out of ways to illustrate this thinking  and its ramifications?  


Can all the sages of all the ages be wrong in their teaching that we are nothing more than the sum of our thoughts made manifest?  Do you think that all the sages were wrong, deluded and confused?  Do you therefore think that the rest of us, who are not sages, then know more than those greatly revered wise men and women who have consistently brought love, healing and illumination to the world?  Can it be that our ugly thoughts and feelings of fear and loss, misery and war, terrorism, homelessness and disease are more enlightened, more intelligent and more evolved than our erstwhile sages and masters and those therefore utterly delusional souls who were so greatly respected and admired.


Now, what is it, what was it, that guided and inspired those illustrious masters?  What made them stand out from the crowd?  From where did they get their knowledge and inspiration and for what reasons and actions were they rendered so notable and exemplary?  For sure they did not get it from the world majority thinking for they were rare and unusual thinkers.  If it did come from outside then why, my friend, are you not receiving that amazing thinking that leads to notoriety or success?


The answer is that they were creative thinkers.  The art or acts came from within. Somewhere deep within their own being.  From the source of all great creation, the soul.  Where is this leading?  It leads to the unalterable fact that if you are not having these amazing thoughts or experiences, either you are not accessing that something amazing and inspiring from somewhere out there or not connecting to it's source place deep within.  


If the world is our mirror, then this source must exist without and within. The definition of creation is: creation the action or process of bringing something into existence,  the bringing into of existence of the universe.  So who is brining all this into Creation anyway?  You can take the view that we are indeed the unwitting and helpless victims of that wrathful and malicious God for as long as you are happy or willing to remain an utterly powerless victim. Once this option takes its toll and begins to pall, you must sooner or later come to the realisation that you have nothing to lose but to make another choice and the only other option is to find that power within and rise up.  Are you ready to realise that you can have it all, that you already have it all within?  That that power, that guidance and inspiration is already there, deep within you, in the heart of your soul, just waiting to be unleased?  That all the power you need is within - within each one of you?


The first line of the bible "God gave man the word" makes little sense.  Does it mean God gave man the power of speech?  Didn't He (sic) give us the power of heaing, sense, smell and touch then?  It is notable that if you make one tiny adjustment in the spacing  of the ancient hebrew script that has been handed down to us over the ages, that it actually translates from the ancient Hebrew as "God gave man thought".  


Can that mean that God gave us the power, the ability to speak?  Is that all it can be - a facile, limited gift that comprises only one aspect of many extraordinary human attributes and capabilities that constitutes the first, most impactful line of the Bible?  Surely, surely, friends, it would have to be something way more significant that this fragmentary crumb of truth?


What if it actually meant something far greater?  Something that had repercussions beyond imagining for humanity as a whole, no matter what age or culture we were to find ourselves immersed in?  What if it meant that God/Source/Creator actually gave Man, woman and child, all humans the full power of thought?  What thought did "God" give us?  Would, could, the God/Goddess of all that is, the source of all love and creation give us thought to create something so much less than itself?  Oh, yes, that's right, that mean old guy sitting on his throne in the sky would, of course!

What is thought?  Thought is creative.  What if all those wonderful masters and sages were no different to us except that they were connected into this possible truth that they had the power of creative thought and all this they created, were able to make manifest?


What if the only running out of time were that we/you are running out of time to the paradigm of old or limited thought?  What if time were just running out on the old ways of doing things, or the limited ways?  What if you are running out of time to make the necessary changes? The changes will happen, but maybe you will not 'happen' with them.  The changes are already happening - they are already dramatically under way.  What if time were running out on thinking that the dismal realities of our world are creating the reality you are a victim of and that it is just time for you to  realise, or re-align, to seeking for the key within?


Time is changing, with or without you.  It is happening within and without many.  Do you wish to be part of the change, part of the great, the happy, the inspired, the blessings, the new, so far only being felt by a few?  Do you wish to start anew, to risk taking a different view, do you wish for a new reality and a new world to ensue? It is up to you.


Start wishing for good thinking, feeling the power of all that is good within you, or start swimming for your life in the tidal waves of change that are time's only curfew.  There is only you and you are the sum of your mind, your thinking, in motion with your feelings. Your new creation is up to you and where all of you is at is your creation. Once you know this you have a chance to create anew. 

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Are you your parent’s child or their drama?

As offspring, ideally, we are meant to ‘spring off’ the foundations of  our parents’ consciousness into a pool of our own destiny.  However, depending on the pool of consciousness and experience our parents were swimming in around our the time of own conception and birth, how and where we land in the water, how we swim, how well we breathe underwater and whether we ever learn to forwards dive, swallow dive and even  backwards dive is directly determined by our own life plan, its prerequisite dynamics, our karma, our other lives and our mission, coloured and imprinted by what we take on from our parents. This is what is meant by the sins of the fathers. The word sin derives from the Latin ‘without’ and, literally, what they were ‘without’ is what will define the journey you will need to take within.


This is a complex spiralling web through time and space to comprehend. To begin with there are certain fundamental factors that syllogistically combine forming certain codes in the Dna that will activate at predetermined times in your life when age, evolving consciousness and maturity plus chakra development combine to catapult you through an emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and energetic growth process, uncovering all kinds of dramas - your own from this life and others, your parents’, your ancestral patterns and beliefs, cultural events that have left unhealed wounds, scars or imprints, karmic lessons with inherent rebalancing and collective events that may have affected you consciously or unconsciously in all kinds of nebulous ways.


1. The unquestioned accepted ‘fact’ that we are conceived approximately 9 months before we are born (if timing proceeds according to Man’s scientific ideas or plan) is quite crucially misleading and omits the crucial significance of when conception really occurs and at what level. We are actually spiritually conceived twenty-two months before birth whenever we are born, so what is happening at that time, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, energetically, with our parents, our environment and in the world, is the true foundation that the energetic matrix of our current life is built upon. And that moment of spiritual conception is the result of your spirit’s and soul’s evolution up until that point. What experiences you are going to need, what lessons you will have to overcome, what challenges and growth opportunities you will have to face coalesce to burst into the seed of new consciousness for your new life with the appropriate synergistic energetic dynamics of two future parents (who might not even have met at the time of your spiritual conception) magnetising the divine plan into motion for your new life.


Now consider that your parents, your parents’ parents and so forth all went through this process and that what is particularly relevant for this life at this time on the planet may well have been pre-determinedly planned countless lives, even centuries or millennia before in linear earth time, for you to be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time with the appropriate ancestry and circumstances for this time and place in the world right now.  There is nothing random about this programme. There is a bigger picture and your part in it was written long before you knew, or remembered, who you are.  You are essence extending afar.


This is a big dance through the spirals of consciousness and time. In this blog I am only covering the basic stances of the dance, the music, rhythm and lyrics of your matrix and covering a the most significant fundamentals.  In that light, the next question that needs asking is the nature of your mother and father’s matrices at the time, firstly,  of your spiritual conception, and, secondly your physical conception. What is important to know is that when a woman mates with a man a merging takes place and unless this is a tantric merging of perfectly balanced, emotionally and spiritual conscious connection as well as physical release, the woman most frequently takes on in her body the unconscious essence of the man as well as his unhealed and unfinished business from his past lives. Add to that the ancestral dynamics and you have a melting pot of vibratory impulses injected into the womb where your life is being seeded creating the matrix of who you are about to become.  


Furthermore, included in the recipe for your about-to-be life that is cooking, is the little known process of telegony, also known as telegomy. The term telegony was coined by August Weismann  from the Greek words τῆλε (tèle) meaning 'far' and γονος (gonos) meaning 'offspring’. I discovered this phenomenon for myself seeing patterns in my own children whilst working on their DNA then came across a reference to it in the Anastasia books, The Ringing Cedars.  However the phenomenon of telegony was officially re-discovered in the first quarter of the 19th century. The Big Soviet Encyclopedia describes telegony as “an assumed effect of typical characteristics of a man who copulated with a woman upon the woman’s future children that she may have with other men”.  The theory was first expounded in part of Aristotle's biology,  and was accepted throughout Antiquity. The concept of telegonic impregnation was expressed in Greek mythology in the origins of their heroes. Such double fatherhood, one immortal, one mortal, was a familiar feature of heroes such as Theseus, who was doubly conceived in the same night. By the understanding of sex in Antiquity, the mix of semen gave Theseus a combination of divine as well as mortal characteristics. Of a supposed Parnassos, founder of Delphi, Pausanias[4] observes, "Like the other heroes, as they are called, he had two fathers; one they say was the god Poseidon, the human father being Cleopompus." Sometimes the result could be twins such as Castor and Pollux, one born divine and one mortal.


Contemporary scientific evidence now shows that female animals and humans can incorporate sperm DNA from prior sex partners and this foreign DNA winds up in future children after the woman successfully reproduces with a completely different male sometimes years later. In the human world, this means that the children a man has with a woman  who has had previous sexual partners could possess genes from men the child never meets. Male sperm can change the DNA of an immature egg in a female without fertilisation.  

Further evidence of telegony appears in Le Dantec’s writings wherein  some farmer told him that once his swine copulated with a boar and their pigs absolutely resembled the father in colour. But when the same swine copulated with another boar some pigs of the second farrow still resembled the colour of the male pig the swine had copulated first. He also wrote about Lord Morton who first interbred a mare  and a zebra and got a hybrid of horse and zebra. Next time he interbred the same mare with a horse. As a result of the second copulation the lord still got a colt that had lines resembling those of a zebra.


As an interesting sidebar, it’s not just semen which carries DNA, or can transfer it. People who receive blood transfusions while in a state of trauma, as is often the case, have been found to sometimes absorb the DNA of their blood donors. Not only can these genes be passed on to offspring once absorbed, they also can and do show up in later DNA tests, skewing results.



Interestingly, male DNA from former sexual partners is often transmitted via transference to a woman who bears children by that male, ending up not only in her immature eggs through her bloodstream in sharing fetal blood, but in her brain, as well. The question arises then, how many fathers’ and ancestors’ energies are you carrying in your DNA that are playing out in the dance of your life?


All these factors are not the total sum of the equation. In my Dna energy work with thousands of people, individuals and groups, I have discovered an astonishing and mysterious factor that I have not yet found one single exception to, and that is that every single one of us, at this time on the planet, has been our own maternal or paternal ancestor either seven or eight generations ago. This is a mind-blowing concept.  When you get your head around it, what you realise is that the majority of ancestral patterns and dramas that you are consciously or unconsciously processing and working to evolve beyond are your own anyway! Yes, as your own ancestor, you were also subject to the physical and spiritual DNA and energetics of that incarnation’s ancestors, but fundamentally you are dealing with how you  handled the cards you had drawn in that incarnation, what you got up to and the legacy you left for your own descendants and ultimately yourself!


For the purpose of this particular article, the final issues to be factored in, is that whilst in utero not only are you intrinsicly physically and energetically connected to your mother, you are both energetically and psychicly, symbiotically immersed in a field of consciousness, most closely with mother and father, but additionally to all those in your DNA. Moreover, above and beyond all these ingredients, you are intimately, simultaneously imprinted and  involved with your parents’ sexual acts, feelings and intentions. As the womb sits in the region of the sacral chakra which is the empathy chakra, as well as the seat of patterns set in place generally between the ages of 4-7, you are subject to the memories held therein as well.


In all, the essence of who you are is one with who you have been, who those around you are and have been and all you will be.


Through sacred veils                       

divine soul hails

many lives many tales

spirit vessel sails.


remember who you are

Essence extending afar.

Image: Giovanna Tavares

(*Further Sources for telegony: Russianreport + Wikipedia)


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